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Coral Vue Hydros

SUggestions for eclipse 12


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I currently have an eclipse 12 with stock lighting, biowheel removed, ~15 lbs. LR and CC substrate, which I plan to change to LS when time and money allows it. Livestock includes 5-6 hermits, lettuce nudi, spotted hawk, tomato clown, and cleaner shrimp. It's been running almost 3 months now, and I've been told not to start w/corals until at least 6 mths. LS and ~3 lbs more LR will be added before I start adding corals.

Whew! after all that my question is I will definately need different lighting than what comes w/ the hood. What would be the best solution? What options do I have? I've been reading up, and If I'm not mistaken there is a 32W supernova retrofit as well as a 2x32W retrofit. I've also seen the 96W that would require me to remove the hood, which I don't mind, (hate it anyways). The latter is not much more expensive than the 2x32, but would that be too much heat? I'm a newbie also, so I want to try beginner corals in this tank, and eventually get a larger one after gaining the experience. Any suggestions?

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Well, what types of corals are you looking to keep. If you want SPSs and clams I would most deff. get the 96 watt quad. If you are just looking to keep zoos and other softies, save some money and get the 2x32 combination.


Just my 2 cents!

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