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Coral Vue Hydros

Ando's 29g. Since October 08'


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Latest FTS 5/28










Alright well I started my 29g Bio Cube 11-3-08


I have about 34 - 35lbs of live rock from a local guy. got it for about $1.60 per lb :)




-1st chamber

Took out false floor and put a 100 watt stealth heater in.


-2nd chamber

Took out the false floor and bioballs and made my refugium with a custom made media rack. Media rack from top to bottom. floss, black diamond carbon, floss.


-3rd chamber

Blue filter sponge and upgraded pump to rio 6HF (350 GPH)



upgraded to 250 Watt MH

Reflector- 250 Watt Lumen Max Elite

Bulb- 250 Watt 20K Radium SE

Ballast 250 Watt Galaxy




15 red leg hermit crabs

20 cerith snails

4 turbo snails

25 Nasaius snails





2 Ocellaris Clownfish (doing good) :)

1 Yashi Goby

1Yellow watchman goby





Bahama Mama zoas

pink palys

fire and ice zoas

purple deaths zoos

rotten banana zoos

Armor of God sooz

Eagle eyes zoos

blue tubs zoos

3 Florida ricordia

Blue mushroom


rainbow clove polyps

**Need To update**




Australian Acan 2x

Brain coral

Sun coral

Plate coral

**Need to update**




Green birdsnest

red monti cap

blue mili

Acropora green Slimmer

Acropora limeade

Acro Greg Hillar Aqua Delight

purple marshall island frag

poker star monti

acro red table

**Need to update**





















I do 5 gallon weekly water changes

Top off from evaporation daily with fresh distilled water

Dose with B-Ionic Calcium and alkalinity daily

Use mag-float daily to keep crap off the glass

Feed fish once a day

Spot feed LPS coral once to twice a week with zooplankton


For macro shots of some of my corals click this link.


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What is the "K" rating of your light, and what colour is it?


In your pick of the light at the bottom of the box, it says " For illumination & Decoration" but nothing about plant growth!


IMO maybe you shouldn't have put the peppermint shrimp in on the third day, but i don't know much about them.

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I'm no expert, but i would guess it's not going to work. Again from what i know ( correct me if im wrong anyone) you should have a light with a kelvin rating, and it should be a full spec white light for growth, not blue, but again i'm no expert!

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lookin' good ;)


nice set up with the rock, the little thing on it is probably a feather duster. Those are good to have.


As far as the peppermint shrimp, you should have waited till the cycling process was over. It probably won't last very long. Better to wait till all your levels have settled and then combat the aptasia.

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ya i got it pretty cheap... about $1.60 lb.. got it from a guy locally! Def a good deal..


how do i find a link to your 29g bc? what do u have in it for your filtration?

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Alright well i finished my fuge light. here it is... Im going to make a type of rack for the fuge. more to come on that.








the tank is starting to get the brown algae in it. what do you guys think about the light?

i think the light should work its 19watts and has 5500k.Do u think it will make my tank a little warmer?

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Maybe a little low on the "K" rating, but better than you last light..lol...I see that you chipped the paint off the back in a square shape, but have a round light fixture, why not have the same shape cover? Does light seep out the back? Also you might want to remove the rock out of the back of your Fuge, the LR in your display should do the trick!

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good idea on the rock in my fuge...


as for the paint... I wansn't really thinking i took it off a few days ago and didn't plan very well. I got the bulb and everything today from home depot and got the cake pan in my kitchen haha! not much light seeps out the back.


I hope it will do the trick. I don't know what I was thinking on the last light i had.. hahaha :haha:

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I could always put something over it right? maybe spray it with black paint..


I will wait and see. if it doesnt grow I will try putting paint on the back of the glass. but i think it will work.

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no i dont have a timer. yet.


So your saying when i don't have my main light on have the fuge light off.. and when the main light is off have the fuge light on?


whats a good time for all my light.. I have 2pc 1 actinic and the other is the reg one?

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Ya so my lights are on a 12hour run time, but that might have to change depending on how much algy growth you get. I get very little growth in my tank, even on a 12 hour cycle. I get some growth on my glass, which I can keep up with my Mag-Float. My lights on my main or display tank turn on around 8:00am, and at the same time my Fuge light turns off, then the same happens in the evening. My main lights turn off at 8:00pm, and my fuge light turns on. I have a sunpod light, so I don’t have actinic’s, but if you wanted to simulate sunset, and sunrise, then just subtract one hour from your main light cycle. I have kind of done the same with my set up, but it’s not as good as yours. I have blue, and white LED lights to go with my MH, and when my main MH light turns off, and my Fuge light turns on at night, I keep the white & Blue LED lights on, then after an hour my white LEDs turn off. It’s my may of having a sunset, and sunrise, not as good, but what can you do!

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did you swap the bulbs in the hood? put your attinc bulb on the switch that kicks the fans on...so that way it will help with the temp before the brighter bulb kicks on...(as long as you run two timers)

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