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Jav's 20L: SPS, LED, Overstocked

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September 2008


October 2008


January 2009



April 2009


July 2009



****CRASH*** no pictures as of yet










Look down a few posts to see livestock/equipment list.

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Hey...post up the details...it looks good to me! I see nothing wrong ...other than that sticky thermometer :)

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Nothing to be embarrassed about... what's the coral on the right side? An anemone or Australian Whiskers?

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Tank started September 1 2008



-20 gallon Long Tank (display), drilled 1" drain, 2 x 3/4" return

-10 gallon (sump/refugium) with cheato

-Aquatic Fundamentals 29 Gallon tank stand and canopy

-Stealth 150W heater

-150W HQI Phoenix. 2x24w ATI T5s for actinic supplementation. LED night lights.

-2 x Koralia 1's (one for sump)

-1 Vortech MP40

-Oceanrunner 2500 return with flow accelerators

-AquaC Remora skimmer with maxijet 1200

-hard pvc plumbing.

-chemi-pure elite

-Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper 2

-autotopoff.com ATO with 5 gallon res.



Livestock (this is where things get little crazy):


35 lbs ReefScience Indonesian rock (fully cured)

25 lbs Carib-Sea indo-pacific black sand (a little disappointed with this)



1 B&W ocellaris clown - Lequisha Jr

1 Regular ocellaris - Zuzu

1 Green Mandarin - Mushu (2 years 1 month with me)

1 Blue Spotted Jawfish - Bahamut Zero



2 trochus snails

2 scarlet/red leg hermits

2 blue leg

4 florida ceriths

3 nerite snails

2 mexican turbo

1 small emerald crab - Shehulk

1 7" Crocea Clam

1 pom-pom crab - Pacman

1 porcelain crab - White Ranger

1 Gold and Brown feather duster.

~30 dwarf cerith

5 Dwarf Planaxis

2 fuzzy chiton





Frogspawn (green/purple) - 7 heads

Green Duncan -7 heads

Various Rainbow Acans - 4 types


Soft Corals:

Blue Purple stripped mushrooms

Green Spotted Mushrooms



Better than Bam-Bams Zoas


Purple Death Paly

Purple Hornets

Blue Agave

Nuclear Green



Mr. Coral Black Ice

Captain America Paly

Nightmare Palys

Tyree Utter Chaos Palys



Red/Orange Monti Cap

ORA Birds of Paradise

ORA Red Planet

ORA Chips

Tyree Sunset Sunset Monti

Tyree Pokerstar Rainbow Monti

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Tyree Setosa

Wet Thumb Frags Tiera De Fuego acro

Tracy G blue light stag

Strawberry Shortcake acro

Wet Thumb Frags Cotton Candy Acro

Wet Thumb Frags #####en blue acro

Wet Thumb Frags Purple Monti Digi

Jedi Mind Trick Monti

Yellow Millipora

Yellow/White deepwater acro

Enchinta acro

Superman monti

tri color acro

Pink Monti (I've never seen anything like it!)

Purple monti cap with green polyps

Yellow Table Acro


Macro Algae




Hair Algae

Creeping Red Turf

Chaeto invading Display




Red Mangroves




Graveyard (lost live stock over the past few years):


1) Rainbow mushroom – bleach and died

2) Caribbean Blue Zoas – fungus

3) Red/Green Lobo – killed by yumas and infection

4) Nerite Snail – crawled out of tank

5) ORA Roscos – RTN after acclimation

6) Bali Green Slimer – RTN after acclimation

7) Rics – Floated away

8) Turbo Snail – bad acclimation

9) Gonipora – it’s obvious

10) Torch – don’t know…

11) Maze Brain frag – tank crash victim

12) Kryptonite green candy cane – tank crash victim

13) Xenia – too much flow

14) Yumas – tank crash victim

15) Mean Green Zoas – tank crash/fungus

16) Purple Metallic Zoas – fungus

17) Armor of God – fungus

18) Darth Maul Palys – melted away

19) Hawaiian PPE – melted away

20) Aspen PE – melted away

21) Tyree Purple Monster – RTN after tank crash

22) ORA Purpleberry – RTN after tank crash

23) Pink Jade – RTN after tank crash

24) Rose Millepora – RTN after tank crash

25) Pink Acropora – RTN after tank crash

26) Greg Hiller Aqua Delight – Killed by tyree pink lemonade

27) Green Pollicipora – STN

28) Garf Bonsai – RTN

29) Rainbow Monti – STN

30) Blue Tort – RTN

31) Pepper monti – buried under sand

32) Aussie Enchinta acro – RTN

33) Another Aussie Enchinta acro– knocked over by turbo snail, buried by jawfish

34) ORA neon birdsnest – fragged eventually STN

35) Green maxima clam – crash and unstable tank

36) Blue lightning maxima clam– crash and unstable tank

37) Pink Aurora – RTN

38) Superman monti –RTN

39) Frag farmer setosa – RTN

40) Emerald crab – “Hulk”, unstable tank and traces of interceptor

41) Sunk Cleaner shrimp – “Hannibal”, unstable tank and traces of interceptor

42) dozens of dwarf ceriths – interceptor

43) a few ceriths – old age

44) chiton – interceptor

45) four limpets – interceptor

46) Blue Agave Palys – melted

47) Tyree Pink Lemonade acro – STN

48) 15lbs of live rock - too much, cut it down

49) 2 Trochus snails – age

50) 3 scarlet hermits – traces of interceptor/other hermits

51) hitchhiker crabs – sump banishment and interceptor

52) Black and White Maxima clam...this one was a heartbreaker

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I think it looks great! looks like the corals that you have are easy to keep and hardy, just keep up on the water changes :D

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Here are some better pictures of some of the corals:


Neon Green Candy Cane:



Two Frogspawns



Pseudo-macro shot of duncan


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Well my fragging experience failed. The mushroom I fragged didn't make it. I don't think the cup I was holding them in offered enough circulation and everything probably just died inside. There was nothing left except for a black mush.

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Well my fragging experience failed. The mushroom I fragged didn't make it. I don't think the cup I was holding them in offered enough circulation and everything probably just died inside. There was nothing left except for a black mush.

bad things do happen.

dont be upset.

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A few pictures of my clowns trying to host the flowerpot.





A mysterious snail. It's been there for 4 weeks and it seems like its an herbivore. The pattern is hard to see but it looks like soldier's camouflage.


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I like your tank man, looks nice :)

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Another FTS. There are a few more corals, an emerald crab, and a cleaner shrimp.





What the tank looks like from my couch...



The tank is actually much brighter than it looks in the pictures (150W HQI 3" off the surface LOL)...



On a sad note I also had my first death. One of my smaller nerite snails escaped and I found its dead body behind my tank. I have gutter guard around the edges but it must have crawled over it or something. Eventually I have to think of a better top for my tank especially if I plan on housing an eel.

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One thing I did notice last night is that my rockwork has become significantly looser with time. My emerald crab is actually knocking over some of the smaller pieces and my cerith snails are digging under the rocks. A slight tap and EVERYTHING shifts. I dug some of it into the sandbed and its a bit more stable, but now it has me freaked out a little.



I also switched my Ushio 14K with a Phoenix 14K. At first glance the Phoenix (out of the box) looks exactly the same as a 3 month old Ushio. Maybe with a week or two to break-in the Phoenix will show its true colors.

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I was going to post pictures with my new Phoenix light, but I realized there isn't much difference between it and the tank with the Ushio. Even if there was my camera wouldn't be able to capture it anyways.

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Long awaited update:


Growth Pics are always fun:


"Better than Bam-Bams zoas" - 5 months





"Mean Green Zoas" - 5 months




"Neon Green Candy Cane" - 4 months




"Duncan" - 5 months




"ORA Neon Green Birdsnest" - 2 months






Some of the new corals:


ORA Red Planet:



Garf Purple Bonsai:



Ultra Rainbow Acan Frag:




Thanks for dropping by!

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Nope no new camera...I just figure out how to use the one I have properly. Canon A560..not great but good enough for me.


Edit: Oh and my lighting is superior. Went from a 150W Ushio 14K to Phoenix 14K w/ 2x24 actinics.



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New corals: will post pictures soon.


Tyree Purple Monster (3/4" frag...too bad growth is gonna be slow as hell)

ORA Rosco's (dead)

ORA PearlBerry

Bali Green Slimer (dead)

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Tyree Sunset Monti

Tyree Rainbow Pokerstar Monti


A few of them were freebies...I don't have any more room in the tank now.


New Inverts:


Fuzzy Chiton


to battle red macro algae outbreak


pictures soon.

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A couple of things didn't make it, but they were freebies anyhow.

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Some crappy pictures with the P [O] S camera.


purple monster



sunset and rainbow



pink lemonade (still hasn't colored up)


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I almost bought a canon xs today...it was on sale at dell. Oh well guess I'm stuck with the canon a560.


Here are a couple of pics of the hitchhiker crabs I found in my tank. I caught a total of three, there is one more mean one though I haven't been able to catch.





I didn't get a picture of the first one I caught. The one still in the display is rather small and it only comes out of night. No picture yet.

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Darth Maul (my favorite Star Wars character)



Tank raised and always open!

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Feeling sick today so I took a few pictures...using a Canon A570







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