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What are some tried and true methods you guys have used to get rid of bryopsis in a nano? I pluck and scrub, I've got chato growing, phosphates come up 0 on hagan test kit, run carbon, and have pretty good water motion in my 10g but it still grows back. A lettuce nudi just crawled around and disappeared.

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Scrub brush.

Bucket of fresh water.

Elbow grease.

Rinse and repete.


Watch water quality in the tank.


Royal (Tuxedo) Urchins seem to be taking care of mine, but they are hit and miss. Keeping the hair under controll is the key... you will bever completely get rid of it as long as there is nutrients to fuel it in your system.

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there are a few slugs that supposedly eat it. My method of ridding my tank of the bryopsis (massive outbreak) was to break down the tank. It grew too damned fast for me and choked out most of my corals.

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What is FRESH water going to do to other life on or in the rock?


I may have to try this but would not want to kill off too much other life the Idea of taking my rock apart after finally geting it set how I like it is not overly apealing.



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Fresh water destroys the cell membraine die to reverse osmosis.

Only the most sensitive inverts will be affected.. chances are those are already long gone from your rock though.

Just dont do the dunks for longer than a minite or so while scrubbing the rocks.

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