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My 75 Gallon peninsula tank

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Which forum are you asking about NRF? I'm a bit drug-hazed from the pain killers and cannot think which one you're asking about....

Oh, nevermind.....in that case just send some of the pain killers then. ;)





Coral network was it? You said you were an admin yes?


Tried google but got the run around :P


Sorry, old dude wit poor 'puter skilz :lol:

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Unfortunately the plug got pulled on the site a few months ago...our head admin (and originator) on the site ran into personal problems and issues and shut it down because she didn't have the effort / desire to keep it going....I had an incredible tank and growth thread on there...I was thoroughly bummed out....


and...BTW...I've been doing 2 tabs every 4 hours of 7.5 mg Percocet....

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The Dos Amigos...My Priolepis ascensionis, Ascension goby...Dizzy....he's the upside-down guy, and his buddy, one of the Porcelain Crabs....




Hah, I got one of those guys! He's cool, though I NEVER see him out. He hitch hiked on some LR from my buddy's tank :)

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Mitch, I am SOOO sorry you're feeling so bad!! :(

Here's some "Get Well Soon" flowers and a hug: :flower::grouphug:

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Thanks so much Weets...this has been tough....


CorvetteJoe, which one hitchhiked? The Porcelain crab or the Goby?

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I'm on the mend....went back for my post-op doctor visit today and convinced him to pull the stents out....painful at the time, he warns that the next 24 hours will be really miserable, but from there on it should be nothing but a memory....


Let's all have a BIG TALL GLASS OF WATER to celebrate!!!!!

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I got pictures of the two frags I'm trading for...I'm sooooo stoked over these two....


The first is a nicely encrusted, but a little browned out Hiller's AquaDelight frag.....


That will color up beautifully in my tank, I'm sure....


The second is a nice, fresh cut frag of ORA Hawkins Blue Echinata....



I cannot wait to get these two...they should both be beautiful additions...

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ooo you lucky so n so, those will be awesome in your tank!!

Glad you were able to get those taken out, gotta be a miserable experience, so maybe not so lucky so n so

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I will frag when they grow enough....you too shall have these and many more once your SPS tank is set up....

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dibs on first frag of the hiller aquadelight. That's one of the pieces I've wanted for awhile, the spankey decided to get out so my chances of getting one cheap diminished.

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You are the first to ask abot that one, so your spot is assured....you just have to keep an eye on this thread and nudge me when it gets growing well..... B)


I have a mind like a sieve.... :mellow:

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I'm feeling much better today, and hopefully by the end of next week I will be back to my old 100%....I'm tired of being puny.....


Anyway, on the up side...I should be getting my new frags this weekend.....


A sudden unfortunate death of one of my MH ballasts at up a chunk of my recent frag money that was going to go to my frag tank setup, so I'm back to the drawing board on that.....Doesn't it always seem to happen????


I am so pumped about the Blue echinata...I have been after that one for quite a while.....

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I just scored big time on a frag swap today....


A member of our club wanted some of my SPS, so she brought me some right nice pieces...two of which I posted pics of, from her tank...the new items are colored down / browned out a bit, but as y'all know, I'm not scared of that....they are resting in the QT for a week, then it will be micro inspect time and into the big tank!!!!


The first frag is one that I have wanted for a long time now, but haven't been able to find affordable, that being the ORA Hawkins Blue echinata....a nice frag if I say so....





Number two is the Greg Hiller's Aqua Delight...a really nice frag, well encrusted and growing nicely....





Third is a little frag of ORA California Blue tort....let's hope I can get it to go crazy like my last one....





The final item is a huge frag / smal colony of Silver Bullet Bonzai....I've never heard of this one, but what I found when I searched it has me all excited about its possibilities...





This next picture IS NOT MY PICTURE....it is a pic of the Mother Colony from which the Silver Bullet Bonzai came...it belongs to a fellow named AcroEd in Ocala, FL....


I can only hope mine turns out this nice.....


Thanks for looking,


Edited by MitchReef

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Wow Mitch!


You did make out well there!


Looking forward to watching these color up and go crazy in your tank.


Good luck with the new additions and I'll ask about some frags in the late fall :P


Very nice!

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Wow Mitch! beautiful frags :eek:

That silver bullet has some nice colors!

why have I never posted in this thread... :unsure::lol:

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Thanks a lot everybody...and welcome to my tank thread got2envy....


The friend from my club saw all my ecstatic talk about the frags and realized that she thought we were making the swap for her "regular" blue and green echinata, while I thought we were dealing for her Hawkins....so....the communication breakdown was realized and she's going to get me a little frag of the Hawkins too!!!!


I love these pieces and can't wait to see how the Bonzai turns out....totally pumped over these corals....6 more days in the crappy little QT.....I gotta mount some corals in my tank...I have stuff falling all over each other....


We have our quarterly club Frag Event this next weekend...I don't have any money to throw at it unfortunately, but one never knows.....I might come up with a little cash.... :ninja: So far from what's been posted up, I don't see much that really excites me though.....I may have already had my "Frag Event" for the quarter....

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Well, last night I realized that one of the members of my little school of Green chromis' is missing....I have noticed that one of them has been kinda pale and never really came out to feed much....and now I guess he became Serpent Star and fish food.....


I did notice a pretty bad cyano bloom in my fuge this weekend!!!! I guess that must have been my little blue-green fishie!!!! No big deal...the fuge plants will finish him off in no time at all.....


Anyway, the new frags are looking good and I can get another chromis to get the school back up to three....I guess that's supposed to be like a "magic number" for schooling fish....

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Thanks so much Mirage...I do the best that I can....Right now I have to dedicate some hard to find money to some new 2 part....that's just sad....

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Soooo......the new frags spent 6 days in the QT, under poor lighting.....18W PC over 2 gallons, so they aren't exactly colored up, but....tonight I got out the Jeweler's Loupe and gave them the big inspection....and now they are resting on the frag shelf in the big tank....I am starting to get that old Happy Corals feeling again....


ORA Cali Blut Tort....



Hiller's Aqua Delight.....



Blue Green Acro echinata....



Silver Bullet Bonzai....



After moving a BUNCH of frags out last weekend, the Frag Rack is Jammed Up again!!!!


and that makes me Happy!!!!


Now here are a few pics of some of the other Happy Corals on the rack....

ORA Borealis....



Dinosaur Egg Montipora....



Blueberry Lemonade Acro nasuta....



ORA Marshall Island Blue Bottlebrush....



Things are coloring up nicely...and rapidly becoming Happy Corals....




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Yeah, I gotta get some stuff mounted in the tank and off the rack...I just have trouble finding places for everything........The last time I did a count I had over 75 varieties of coral in a 75 gallon display...I gotta try and count them up again goon....

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