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Target feeding made easy


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I saw my wife's baby medicine dropper, and just had to commandeer it. I'm rather pleased with myself (the wife is less happy).


This oughtta be perfect for target feeding DTs etc in a nano. All you need is a baby medicine syringe, 1/2" of flexible airline tubing, and 12" or so of rigid airline tubing.

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I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords. ;)


Seriously, the medicine thing was just a freebie from the hospital. I extended it using rigid airline tubing. Sorry if that wasn't quite clear from the first post...

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I've got something similar that use for target feeding. There is a place in New Orleans that sells jello shots in these huge syringes (without any tip). Rigid airline tubing fits right in the end. Makes a good flatworm extractor too.

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