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Mavjoy's RSM new beginning...PICS!


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Here are some new pics of my new addition:




My branch polyp:


really like how this turn out like that(just the right spot)





I also got a flower pot but it's still not open :( .

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Some close up pics :) .







My flower pot is not fully open yet :( . How long do they take before they fully extend their polyps?

I got to get a better camera for more macro shots. Cellphone pics are not cutting it.

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1 month anniversary of my RSM..Oh Yeah!!!...some pics taken half hour ago. I still need a lot of LS..hehe.. :)





What would be a nice coral to put next? Clam? Acans? Some fish would be nice. Enjoy!

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Looking good! I really like the branch polyp -- haven't seen one before.


Like StevieT, I don't like to see hardware. Please consider moving the Koralia to the back, bottom right, hidden by the rock. -- mine works great there. Also, the mod to paint the algae scrubber black is a simple, but effective improvement.


Take a look at ROWA Aquascape Epoxy -- it's coralline pink and blends in very well.


I like your use of a foreground sandbed -- I crammed probably too much rock into mine.


How's the fuge working out?

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jimdantin-Thanks, the branch polyp adds a lot of character to the tank plus it seems pretty hardy so far. My fuge is doing great! I finally got the right water level and not much air bubbles coming out towards the DT. Chaeto is doing great with my Mini-Mite light from Corallife :) . Steviet media rack is working good. I got a lot of pods now in the fuge and DT too. I'm gonna try to hold off on my weekly WC and will try to make it bi-weekly one with Natural Sea Water. I'm still trying to pin point my tanks threshold 'til I need to make a WC, but 2 weeks is my max. Anyways, thanks for the suggestions about the koralia and mag float. I like the koralia more up there for water surface movement. Your tank looks great.

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I use the FLO attachment to provide surface movement -- the combination of the Koralias, the standard pumps, and the FLO attachment keep the water movement ever-changing. You should be able to see that effect in this video:

JimDantin's RSM November 2008


The FLO is visible attached to the pump at the upper left of the image (I used the pump closest to the center of the tank). I did upgrade that pump to a MJ1200.


These forums are great sources of inspiration and ideas -- each of us finds little things that work well, and then everyone else can decide if it works for their setup! EVERYTHING I've done was copied from or influenced by someone else's efforts!

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I got some new additions that I got today. First, i got a birdsnest from my cuz and I thought it was going to be a small frag but it look like a colony to me :) . I also got some brain coral and another Goni from my LFS. here are some pics. Enjoy! :) .




I frag my blue xenia too..LOL





As soon as the goni opens up, I'll be posting pics.

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I'm still looking around for more info on the "branch polyp". Do you have the scientific name? It is really an interesting species!

Sup Jim, I still don't know the name, but I'll try to remember to ask my LFS next time I see them :) . I finally got another fish today. It's a 4 line wrasse. It's getting along with my maroon so far. I hope it works out.

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My GF got me a Dendro today. She is soo cool and she also promise me to feed it every single day..love her soo much...I was able to trap my 4 line today with a tupperware. I got a blue pom pom xenia for the 4 line at my LFS. I also started feeding my corals with frozen mysis and they absolutely loved it! The dendro ate 3 times!!!..LOL...Here are some pics:






current FTS:


Thanks for looking :) .

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It's been over month since I post any update of my tank. Here are some pics:



I finally got a skimmer-tunze 9002-and I'm going to try to set it up tonite..hehe. I still want to keep my chaeto in the back chamber together with the skimmer. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.

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Just an update of my tank :) . I now have 3 fish total(maroon clown, yellow coris wrasse and a flame angel). They are all getting along, sigh of relief, and doing great so far. Seem like everyone is upgrading to halides nowadays..LOL. I'm thinking about it..hehe. Anyways, here are some pics and enjoy!







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Some updated pics with natural sunlight hitting the tank :)





I also started dosing(2 drops) Elos Amino Acids for the past 2 weeks and have not notice any big difference but will continue to dose.

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Tank update:

Just added some new stuff for the past month. My RSM is officially 6 months last monday...Oh Yeah!...Got some zoas, acans, sps etc...




I'm still dosing AA's(Elos) and went up to 3 drops a day and so far so good. Switch to ESV 2 part for CA and ALK. Here is my latest addition from today:


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I just upgraded my lights to a Outer Orbit 250HQI with T5HO 4x24(2 ATI Blue+ and 2 KZ Fiji Purple). I also added a TLF phosban reactor. My tank is running for almost 9 months now and so far so good :) . I'm currently dosing ESV 2 part and Elos AA daily to keep up with my ALK and CA. I'm also feeding Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast and the corals like it a lot :D . Here are some pics:







I'm waiting for my MP40 to come next week and it will replace my 6025 :) . I'm currently looking for a couple of doser pumps to make the tank automated, so I can take a vacation :P . Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Mavjoy your tank looks mad wicked crazy when the sun hits it!!! :bowdown:


Hows the flame angel do w/ your corals, I heard they like to nip alot.

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Mavjoy your tank looks mad wicked crazy when the sun hits it!!! :bowdown:


Hows the flame angel do w/ your corals, I heard they like to nip alot.


Thanks :) and I'm still on the process of acclimating the tank with the HQI. I add 15 minutes each week(45 minutes this week) 'til I get 4-6 hrs a day. The flame has been good with my SPS. I feed my fishes 2-3 times a day with flakes. It's a hit or miss with the angels tho.

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