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Hello gents!New to the club but have been an inactive fan of the site for a while.Anywho was thinking about getting a nano combo pack from seacrop.com .I am wondering if yall der fellers whom have ordered from them before could inform me on their quality.I believe I have seen one thread either here or reef central pertaining to seacrop .Dont wanna waste my money on some crap as I have at soooo many LFS s !




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OK! More then one thread found however I have read where people have ordered but not much on the followups on the long term.Any pics or thoughts?

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Great place. good peeps, and awesome customer service.


purchase with confidence ;)


FREE PLUG ;) I hope SEACROP returns "teh Favoah" ;)


Highly doubted, but I have enough buddys to secondarily vouch ;P

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There a couple of threads on here and RC that have pics after they got there stuff from sea crop. From what I've seen, sea crop is top notch.

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Very funny!Yeah maybe they will send you a free coral.You know if I was one of these guys with a sweet tank w/ website I would try to barter with some of these online coral stores.For example you see that sweet rare frogspawn I have in my tank well it was from seacrop: .They have awesome corals for inexpensive prices.Yeah when I think of good customer service and great products I think SEACROP!


Man I bet if you did that with alot of online retailers you could get alot of stuff free!




Anyhow thanks for the quick response;) . I will order from them and will post pics when i recieve the corals.




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I was going to order the nano pack and a cleaner shrimp from SeaCrop today. Sent an email with what I was wanting to purchase from and they responded within an hour or so to call the provided telephone number. Hey that was pretty quick on their part!


Called the number got a voice mail left my name and number. Called again later and got a voice mail again. Left for lunch and when I returned I had a message from Mary to leave my credit card info on her voice mail.


Sorry Mary... Ain't gonna happen. I'll look elsewhere thanks.


Thought if I could get a hold of someone I would do business with you. But the first time I tried purchasing from you the very same thing happened. Except that time you wanted me to email credit card information - UNSECURED. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid about that, but I have had over a grand pilfed by unauthorized use of a credit card on the Internet.


So in two attempts to order from SeaCrop, I decided not to when it came down to the unbusinesslike way of accepting payments.


Whenever you get either a Secure Server, which is pretty damn cheap nowadays if you're doing business online, or a THIRD PARTY BILLING METHOD which is SECURE, I'll place an order with you.


If others want to risk identity theft, unauthorized uses of credit info, etc., the opportunity for it to happen is there.


Outside of that, I'm sure you have good stuff.

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How is leaving your credit card on my voice mail which only I have access to insecure? Not a sarcastic question, but a real one. And for the record, that *******Slave idiot is not affliated with me in any way, and if anyone knows who it is, please pm me.

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Called the number got a voice mail left my name and number. Called again later and got a voice mail again. Left for lunch and when I returned I had a message from Mary to leave my credit card info on her voice mail.


Well, I'm thrilled to say that as of today that problem is a thing of the past! I just finished updating our brand new secure shopping system. Let me know what you think.

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nice new look! B) altho more pics on the regular everyday items would be good (altho i don't think you had them before, jmo).


i'm glad you kept the wysiwyg option for the 'cream of the crop' section. are there less this week or is the new site still updating? i'll try out the secured shopping the next time i order. presently kicking around a dwarf seahorse and mini-shrimp tank tho (maybe one of the nano-packs). ;)

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Eventually I'll get pictures up for all of the other items. It's really hard to run my wholesale business and its website and SeaCrop and its website and still find time for other things! But now that I have this new format, adding pics will be much easier and less time consuming- just have to get around to doing it. Cream of the Crop varies each week between 10-30 pieces, depending on what I have in at the time. Also, this is our busy season in wholesale so we tend to have a lot less in the way of coral selection this time of year since the retailers grab up everything. I'm expecting a huge shipment next Thursday though, so next week's update should be really nice.

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I've gotten frags from all kinds of places. The ones from seacrop are by far the best ones yet. I would recomend seacrop.com for anyone starting a reef tank, because my nano 12 pack had all different corals. I have 2 reef tanks (125 gal & 100gal.) both have only have pieces that started out are frags. Also everything was well packaged & all are doing great.

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Now that I am getting into the sps thang.I am wondering as to what types of sps that ya'll have seen in these nano packs?If the past quality of soft corals reflect the quality of their sps then I know they will be good.Im wondering more about the diversity of sps species?

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