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Anyone got any Eclipse 3 pictures? Let see them!


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My tank was born on 7/18... I'm taking it very slow. So my pics probably wont impress you much... I know the toadstool looks ridiculus - it was literally half that size three weeks ago. You can probably notice its baby right next to it. The momma toadstool is for sale or trade - local only (SoCal).


For details on my lighting follow this thread:





Eclipse 3 - 1x13w 50/50

DIY Retrofited Hood w/ Fan for Cooling

HOT Filter w/ Carbon Media - Biowheel Removed

Rio 50

2lb LS / 6lb Figi LR

False Perc

Cleaner Shrimp

Electric Blue Hermit

2 Red leg Hermits

1 Troachus + A couple hitchhikers

Feather Duster

Brown Polyps

Long Polyp Toadstool Leather

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