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salt storage at work?


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so...i hate these bags of salt...about 1/2 way through they get moist and stale and don't mix well....at home i keep the big bucket of salt, and it stays pretty fresh....but what're you guys storing salt in at work?


i was thinking of some kind of air tight tupperware...any body doin this with success???

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tupperware is fine or you can portion off what you plan on using into ziploc bags. e.g. 1-quart ziploc bag per month, etc


as long as you keep the bag tightly closed tho, the salt shouldn't be too hygroscopic ime. depends on your ambient environment too. a nice wet hot humid august will do it too. X)

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actually, maybe the little ziplock snack bags in 1/2 cup premeasured portions for mixing up 1 gallon at a time!


this is a great idea...no more measuring at work...


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