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pH swing------7.7 to 8.2


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So what's a 5.5 guy supposed to do without a fuge?


pH earlier today was 8.2.....after lights off for a 30 min its 7.7.


I have a little halimeda for macro...that's it!




Amm 0

NO2 0

NO3 0

PO4 0

pH 7.7 (now at 9:30pm)

KH 8.0 (a little low)

Alk 2.96


Assuming this is a CO2 release from my algae.....what can I do without a fuge? More buffer?



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I added some buffer last night...to bring up the Alk


I dose with seachem reef complete (has Mg in it).....Ca bounces between 400 and 440


Thanks for your help!


Damn Physh! are you a farmer.....why the hell you up at 5am!

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