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sun sun sun (new aquarium RSM coming - pg 9)


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This tank is in the top five of my "most amazing tanks ever seen" list. Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your success with the sea fans over the long term.


On a side note, the thing that kills me about water changes is all of the water wasted. My RO/DI spits out quite a bit of waste water and during the winter I can't use it to water my garden so it's just - wasted. I hate it.

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guess what I found a reasonably priced Red Rhyzo (Super Sun Coral). Looking forward for it to settle down and then i take some pictures hehe



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guess what I found a reasonably priced Red Rhyzo (Super Sun Coral). Looking forward for it to settle down and then i take some pictures hehe



I will be waiting. That pic your photographer buddy took is amazing!!

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geee thanx...folks.....:)


photobucket so slow....plus cannot load


here is via flickr


the mandarin





hmmm how to make it appear larger???


it is the normal size i upload to photobucket.



red rhyzo...




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here is my small refugium; a thin layer of suger fine sand, small dead sps, dead high porus skeleton, chaeto dead snail shell all for breeding pods


here is the isopod that developed the last....other pods are either too fast or too small or light-shy

the plastic refugium "glass" is covered with algae for the pods to "feast" on






here is the chaeto from some reefers - have grown



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learning to set White Balance and shot under that Custom WB mode

here is a pic, not much editing and also lazy to edit frog


here is an update of the reef after 1 month - enjoy



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This is a work of art, incredible colors, composition (and photos), in addition to difficult to keep corals technique. Congratulations!


There was old question on p3, about corals ID, the soft coral is scleronephthya, and yellow gorgonian could be - I'm not sure - yellow morph of Muricella plectana, this coral has very specific appearance. Mariusz621 at Ultimate Reef has pink morph, me too (frags). You may know me as Dendro982, BTW :)


What you can try, if you want, it worked for me:

Dendronephthya: I lost two of them the same way, in days, but now they survive (short term observations, sorry, but this already a progress, comparing to fast death) - even damaged - after some changes:

alkalinity is in low range, feeding - close to continuous, twister-like flow in the corner, allowing food rotate around the corals for longer time, flow - close to 200 gph (760 l/h), reflected.


If you will found something during your research, that can can be used in low tech, low cost, nano-size setup - minimalistic approach - post too, please, for us to use. Or particular care for some of corals.

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thanks non-photosyt aka dendro982 hoho


i think i will continue to aviod dendros, just not prepared to go continuous feeding. It has to be within what i am capable (or believe) to care for and not burden me too hehe.


Having not been researching lately, but have been reading my local forum which are currently some members have dump skimmer and adopted natural filter methods (algae turf srucbber). Due to space constraints i didnt adopt that method (even i do adopt it, i would just compliment my existing system and not remove skimmer)


thanx again...see u around

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WOW, this has to be the most beautiful saltwater tank I have ever seen. Simply amazing, great photography work too. I am thinking about picking up my first sun coral this weekend.


What camera do you use??


Great work and I vote this the best tank ever...... ;)

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Hi Amy, thanks for the comment.


It is great to hear about the research you have done.

On the issue whether each head needs to be fed:

If it is possibly for you to feed each head, go ahead.

I am not sure if they are solitary or share the same resources. You can try to feed 1 side of sun coral today and another tomorrow if feeding it whole daily is a hassle.


I feed cyclopeeze and FM products daily and target feed about 2-3 times a week

The meaty the food, the healthy and larger it would be. But ensure the seafood meat is sliced to small pieces for easy digestion. I have experience daily feeding to the top it stops opening, so u do not need to target feed


Weeber, i just use T5HO lighting

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