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sun sun sun (new aquarium RSM coming - pg 9)


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the very blue berry was purchased on 19 Oct 08 and the other was on 26 Oct 08

They are a very beautiful and challenging species, I had 2 as well, looked absolutely stunning but after 5-7 months I encountered some difficulties, they started changing colors and eventually died off. Good luck with them. Your tank look beautiful to say the least.


How many times do you feed your corals?

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Thanks for sharing and comments. I feed cyclopeeze and golden pearls once a day sometimes twice. I feed FM products once a day, sometimes twice. How often did you feed yours previously?

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I had a circular tank with moderate to high circulation by using under gravel jets. My tank was filled with non-photo inverts similar to your with a lot of gorgonians. Feeding took place 3- 6 times a day depending on my class schedule and I did 2 water changes a week.


I really hope you have more luck than I did and please keep us posted. Ill definitely be following this thread. Yours suns look amazing!

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Oh yes, I recall viewing your tank thread couple of times. Hehe

I am thinking to drip FM food into my tank while I am at work, but been lazy at that idea.

Twice a week, wow, the water change costs must be killing you hehe. That explains the sulfur? Hehe


Thanks. I got a black sun recently too, but not open yet…been luring her out. She been playing hard to get lol.

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yeah but its only 15 inches high. its total volume is 74.8G so pretty much 75G


2 things

1. love the corals beautiful tank, incredible, love the dedication and everything in it.



for one you have 2 tangs in your tank, the yellow tang, i would keep , why do you have a regal also, and you have 5 clownfish, i saw you have a clarki and a ocellaris in there,


you have

yellow tang

regal tang

5 clown fish

blue star fish

1 royal gamma

1 blue devil damsel


you know clownfish are damsels right, and you still have another damsel in there. and you have 5 clown fish. i mean come on, the corals are one thing which i compliment you and i hope you can keep them alive but the fish. seriously what are you thinking


loi, I guess you've never seen my tank....

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Drip system is v. effective method and I've seen people keep their gorgonians longer with this method. I would definitely see a pic of the black sun.


yes the black sun gave me a sneak preview of herself, she was rather shy :D

hopefully by Xmas she opens up hehe

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hmmm...tempting...i have tried that coral before....it perish within a week.

the coral is not expensive..about USD11.40 but the cost of additional FM pac, additional hassle of preparing the food and my confidence level of that coral shuns me away from that at the moment.


Perhaps next year when I feel my current tank has shown more stability & growth, will i ventured deeper...




and merry christmas

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Some info on my SR (new , less than 1 month)


This is a Calcium reactor - improved from the previous design.


> It has smaller footprint

> All new skimz reactors will come with 2nd chamber unlike the previous models

> The water outlet nozzle comes with new neddle valve

> You dun need to unscrew to place your media or top up, all u need to do is open the grey portion and add media. No more screws






There isn’t much to review, except if you have any


Besides local sources of info, I found these websites useful prior to purchase.






From my experiences I hate tuning things in my sump. I got myself an American Pinpoint monitor (note: this is optional and NOT necessary) However, I never regretted getting this. I don’t need to test for the NO3 at the water outlet of the SR, but gauge it via ORP. So long the ORP falls within -50 to -300 de-nitfication works without smell. If the drip rates slow down, ORP report a negative reading. So when there is need, I tune once and it will resume back to normal.




After 1 week, NO3 of the tank remained 20mg. In the past it will increase 10mg per week. No water change was performed or chemicals like pro-digested added during this period.

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i managed to dig out the dendro i had....


beautiful isnt it?

aggg..............it is too poisonous to look any longer.....arggggg....


That look amazing...how long did it live?

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got a close shot of chilli polyps










last nite, several reefers in my community came over to my place to withness I frag purple menalla.sp

seafan, 5 frags, here is 3 of them...looks it is doing well



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Hows the black sun doing? Has it opened up yet?


I was also looking through website and noticed sweeann's tank pics and was curious if he had a thread on his aquarium

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Hows the black sun doing? Has it opened up yet?


I was also looking through website and noticed sweeann's tank pics and was curious if he had a thread on his aquarium


the sun has opened up, waiting for sweeann to post the pictures for me (he took it when he was at my place, i have not take mine yet)


he has a thread on his setup (19 pages), but in another forum (local forum in my country).

he had a fowlr before this setup, he is a newbie in corals. But his pictures are solid and simply out of this world :P


here is his link http://www.chuisui.com/viewthread.php?tid=9878&page=1

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