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Cultivated Reef

sun sun sun (new aquarium RSM coming - pg 9)


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LOL, the tangs u mean. Yes you are the second person who told me that.




I had a bunch of sun coral...i couldn't stand all that feeding :D I stick to stuff I can feed once or twice a week now :D


Nice pics!

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nice happy sun corals! do you feed them individually every night?



cyclopeeze daily at same time, every 2-3 days mysis shrimp and or home blended seafood, and once a week, market prawns soaked in Selcon.

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  • 4 weeks later...

been almost a month, made some additions and changes to scaping


last Gathering with a few reefers was good and subsequent discussion with my buddies offline, I knew what type and quantity of azoo corals I will have after self thinking / reflection.


Here is the final scape. Amongst which there are 4 live rocks (2 big & 2 medium) secured with plastic fasters for permanent structure.


Although the aquarium is rather empty, but the formation of the LR is rigid now. I created 2 caves and a channel between the 2 caves. Both caves are unique; 1 is open inside and the other dark errie mysterious.


Here is the left side: (made of 1 blouder on left with 2 "secured" LR and 1 flat LR covering the top. The back LR is not connected but placed at the back for illusion of depth and another flat LR to shade the cave from lights. Total of 4 and 2 flat pieces)




Here is the right side:


Made of 2 very large LR tied to 2 fasters and 3rd LR to fill the back. A flat LR cover the top for shade

The front of this section, I place a small LR and place a large unique flat LR making it like roof which fish can swim under.




Looking deeper to the right under the ledge (roof) is dark errie mini cave




Using flash I shot a deeper pic, it is narrow route passage for small fish...like a skeleton of LR lol


home to blue devil damsel





the LR were scaped Dry on the floor.

LR were fasten with plastic faster prior to reintroduction to the aquarium.

After delighted with the dry scape, I moved piece by piece, section by section into the cloudy tank.


In fact i did it blindly as i could not see what i did, but i turned out great.


Now, if the LR will be cover with corraline algae and more corals r filled up, i believe it will be great




some updates, got myself a seafan ( Acalycigorgia sp - i think ) 2 weekends ago

been feeding it fine particles 3 times a day. Tested No3, remain the same as last week...phew

Initially it didnt open fully, but after a few days it has. Here is a picture of it.


Boy it was difficult take the small polyps, and got more room to improve.






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  • 4 weeks later...

in the week ended 19 Oct 2008, I got myself a blue berry seafan, here is update of its status after 1 1/2 months





Just before Oct birthday, I got myself a yellow dendro to "try"

after 2 months, it has slowly increased its height. Here is a picture using normal lens and fingers as tripod :P


Keith can u ID this?

I hope next year end it would have grown taller.

Note: I have a purple dendro which getting smaller whereas this is very slowly growing (i hope)




can u help ID this seafan got this during Aquafair:P



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rhizo = a whole lot of freakin money.


beautiful rockwork.


i really like the tube anemone. if only they weren't so vicious w/ the sting...

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rhizo = a whole lot of freakin money.


beautiful rockwork.


i really like the tube anemone. if only they weren't so vicious w/ the sting...

thanx....tube anemone? feather duster or coco worm u mean?


that rhizo is about 65USD (after conversion)


rockwork had some changes to cater for more seafans :P

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