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Cultivated Reef

mushroom browning and shrivaling


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It depends upon what you actually got for your sixer - a single loose 'shroom or a huge chunk of rock festooned with stuff. Maybe they were unloading on you, or you got a good deal and it should have been acclimatized better when dunked into your tank.



Then again there is always the standard Physh1 Disclaimer of Death for Mushrooms:


Originally posted by Physh1

Did you check your water? Everything test ok? Mushrooms can and do move but they need to seperate from what they are on so they can float around. That could be it. It could also be something more serious like it's dying.  



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could it be cuz it was pick off ofthe rock? and got torn or some thing?


edit: also has a sticky ooz coming out of the bottom where it was attached to rocks

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