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4.6 watts a gallon??? enough???


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I have a JBJ nano cube which is a 12 gallon tank. my question to all of you was that is this enough lighting to keep some pretty good corals??

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remember to get some fans, that hood is getting moderatley hot with the stock lights and you will be more than doubling what it currently has.


put some pics up when you do the install...good luck bro :)

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hey i have a radio shack fan installed already which is kepping it very kool i jut switch it on for a hour and wham the water is perfect

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Watts per gallon is kind of a stupid rule to go by. If you were to put something up hight on the rocks by the light, it would be totally different if you put it on the bottom. On the top of the rock closest to the light you may be able to keep Frogspawn or something like that (for example) but if I were you I'd go with a min of 70 watts, that way you could do a lot more different kinds of coral in the future if you plan on harder stuff...

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