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Weird starfish like thing on glass...only me


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So I saw some weird creature on the glass today that resembled some type of starfish.


I took it out to get a closer look, and of course I drop it on the floor...hehe Now its lost forever somewhere :P whooooops :wizard:


I actually dropped it on the floor because it moved or somthing and scared me :P


It don't think it was a hydroid jellyfish -_-, this one was pretty big, 1/4 inch white thing looked like a starfish


I knocked it off the glass a few times, but it kept climbing back up..

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Ooookay, so no pic or anything? Did you do a search on starfish ID at all? I posted on while back in the ID forum, think it's still floating around on the front page of that thrread. We need more info.

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Yes this was a starfish in all likelihood. That is, before he had a that little high velocity floor/ass collision. FYI, do not pick up anything that is both A: Alive and B: Capable of maybe moving and scaring you into dropping it. Good thing you don't work at a hospital moving anesthesized patients around. Or a morgue.


All joking aside, I have one of these things in my tank as well. I was fascinated to watch him/it nimbly climbing on a rock one day which was only one of two times I saw the beast. It was months until I saw him again hiding under a rock when I was moving some LR around but I thought it was cool he was still in there somewhere. They are starfish, they do not get bigger than that and they have a name but it escapes me at the moment. They glow in the dark, I have been told. They may also breed in the tank if they have a mate. They're harmless so basically don't let it worry you and just keep your eyes open and see if you can spot another.

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