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DIY aquarium stand - show me yours


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It seems like you already had a plan for the doors. But if not, here are mine. They aren't way fancy but I was able to make them just with a table saw to make the joints and some wood glue and clamps.





Good luck!


I am working on one like this for a 34 gallon RSM. I bought a computer hutch about two years ago and I am upgrading the inside of as well as refinshing it. I love the fact that it brings the tank to eye level.

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The Propagator
Here is my 40 br stand. Its made entirely out of 2x4's and 1x4's. Simple to build and very sturdy.








I really like the color choices !

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Christ, I almost don't wanna show mine yet. Eh ohwell. Right now it's the frame. Needs sanding, prepping and painting.


The leap from frame to finished stand is surprisingly small. Looking nice and sturdy!

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