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A. Melanopus is on the sand...


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I purchased a Cinnamon clown yesterday. Found a good size, healthy looking fish, who seems to have a lot of personality. Well, he was extremely energetic, and gave the woman a hard time. She did do a great job and managed to net him without doing harm. The tank looked to have been about 50G, with 15 1.5" fish. However, after he was put in the bag, his disposition completely changed, and he just sat on the bottom of the bag.


When I got home, I spent about an hour acclimating him to the tank. After he was put in, he explored for a minute then went to the bottom and propped himself up with his fins and sat there. He has his energetic moments, but seems "tired". No problems with eating, though he does seem picky. ie, he seems to prefer vegetables over meat.


His color looks fine and I don't see any harm done to him. He's not gasping for air. The tank parameters look fine, but I doubt that's in question since he began acting this way before coming home. Any ideas?


BTW, he was purchased at Petco. My store must be rare, since I've heard so many horror stories. I don't like that I'm supporting Petco as a whole, but there are only two other LFS around and this specific store has been great. A few of the employees have SW tanks, and the tanks are always clean. I have never seen any die off. I wish I could say the same about one of my LFS, which seems like a high number of fish die shortly after arrival.



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It's been two full days and he is not getting better or worse.


Could it be shock? I'm not extremely worried since he's continuing to eat. But, if there's something I can do, I would appreciate the ideas.



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I would bet that the fish has been shocked considering that this activity occured after being netted. I would return it and describe the situation thoroughly and exchange it. There is no real treatment for these type of things so you could either do what I recommended or give it more time and see if he'll surge back to life.



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