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lil'wrasse cool

3 gallon bow/5 gallon sump

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I like watching my tank progress though time...


new tank new thread..


this is I guess week one..


Everything is from my other tank, waiting to see a cycle..

Am was .025 I think, stupid color matching. 0 for nitrate..


Still need to add a new plug by the tank, Its on with my entertainment cct..


This is not the rock Im going to use for the tank, thought it would be a good seeder tho...







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didnt want hide the pipe work...


Well, you excelled in that aspect sir! What kind of lighting are you running there? And your return pump? I've been thinking of swapping out my AC70 fuge mod for a 5.5G or 10G and just using a weir style overflow and u-tube return so I could use the sump/fuge as a nano frag tank. I'm always excited to see another picotope go up and see someone else's take on the setup. What are your plans for the system?

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plans?? I just buy and build. lol


goal is to have a pimpt out end table tank...


stock plans .just softys/zoas,ect... fish? don't know yet? maybe I'll go the sexy rout..


pump is??? have lots of pumps around.. found one with a perfect flow, and bought a new one..


lighting is 2 9 watt pc's. good enough for now, but you know how upgrading goes.

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