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All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread


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Wow! IT has been a pleasure looking at all these tanks. Here is a pic of what I have so far. IT has been running for about a year and a half now.


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Here is my 31g acrylic AIO. Display is roughly 22g, with 9g of rear chambers. I am running 4x24watt T5's for lighting. I also have a Tunze 9002 in the back. Tank was started around March '08. I picked up most of the SPS around February of '09.


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Everyone has such great tanks. As a beginner I have a long way to go. Here is my tank. Its 3 months old but has a few new ideas.

1. My live rock is a ceramic rock made by CeramEco called Vida Rock.

2. I started my JBJ 28G Nano without any Live Rock, Live Sand or Live Water and began stocking it with fish and coral on day 1 using the Hiatt System.



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My BioCube Journal


Just moved the coral in today. I used LR, sand, and bioballs from my 20 reef. A fishless coral frag tank for my dorm.





Actinic FTS



Moonlights FTS


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