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All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread


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TANK : Dymax IQ5 Acrylic Tank, Int Dim: 21(W) x20(D)x 27(H) cm; Vol: 11Litres (3 US Gallons)    FILTER : Built-in Overflow (Bio Ball, Activated Charcoal); Power Head PH200, 200-300L/H; Power: 5W

SKIMMER: Skimmer w/ 3W Air Pump; Powerhead as wavemaker, 200-300L/H; Power: 5W           LIGHTINGS : Dymax Flex 5, 9White + 2 Blue; Power: 4.5W. Q2B Marine LED. 4 Blue, 1 White, 1 Purple; Power: 18W  Mini Chiller : 70W (as of Sep20)
Water Parameter (as of 3/8/20)  PH (8.2); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (<2); PO4 (<0.1); Temp (26.0); Salinity (1.022)

Hi everyone, my 1st post here of my 7 months AIO Pico Tank. 

Photo 1: My cosy corner, Photo 2: Tank in All lighting; Photo 3: Tank in Blue 



1Aug20 Pico Tank Cosy Corner DS.jpg

1Aug20 Pico WLight DL.jpg

1Aug20 Pico BLight DL.jpg



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Just snapped some FTSs for someone on FB, thought I’d post here for the heck of it.🤗


Biocube 16, stock lights, about 2 1/2 years old:


Biocube 32, stock lights, about 1 year old:


Fluval Evo 5, about 8 months old:


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7 hours ago, Daniel92481 said:

Lifegard Aquatics 4.1 gallon. Rum and coke for size reference.🙂




I really love that tank - hope to run one someday. Yours looks great!

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On 10/16/2020 at 2:41 AM, Hecdr34 said:

Waterbox 4 gallon Jawbreaker tank






Would love a tank like that! Wish i could find something like that here in the UK.

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You can order the Nuvo 10 from Charterhouse Aquatics, but they are my least favourite shop in the UK.  Also there seems to be a long back order wait for these as they maybe having some difficulties with ordering from abroad following Brexit. 


Boyu do a couple of nice tanks the Tl-550 and whatever the 400 model is

Ehiem have the Aquastar 63

Fluval have the 52 and 123L

Oase Highline is a gorgeous line of tanks

Juwel Make some nice tanks too

Red Sea do some nice AIO as well 

TMC have some really nice sumped systems



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