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All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread


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Here is my month old 28G JBJ Nano w/150W 20k halides, auto top off, temperature controlled, box of awesome. I like it ;)


Calcium addition via CaCl2, buffered by Kent superbuffer dKH. Trace elements, buffer and magnesium added by ATO. Feeding is H2OLife frozen rotifers, cyclops, and oyster milt about 2-3x a week. Currently skimmed by a very old BakBak 2R. Tank is experiencing mild diatom problems likely due to a combination of source water (RO only, no DI) and the fact that it is so young.


Future addition plans; several Acans and more SPS.



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ok here i go, not much to look at, after two tank crashes and one move, but i will get back on my feet. You can see that i'm about to add an anenome for my clownfish too. This is my 24g nanocube.


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