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All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread


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28gal JBJ nanocube hqi with pc actinic upgrades. 5-6 months old.






I should of cleaned the glass before taking pics.

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My jbj 28 hqi

SPS, LPS, and a few Zoas,

Pair of Darwin Occelaris,

Tailspot Blenny,

Cryptic Six Line Wrasse


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here's mine. 36 Gallon Corner Tank about 3 years old. Yes I moved the Yellow tang to a bigger tank after getting in trouble with the tang police!


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I have a 24 gallon jbj nano cube with filter floss, carbon, LR, and chaeto filtration

i also have the nano tuners lighting upgrade kit that added a 36 watt actinic light.

My tank has been running since april so then its been running for 6 months.




Green birdsnest


Various Zoas

Kenya Tree



Candy Cane (green and blue)


Mushroom Toadstool

Hammer Coral



2 o. clowns

1 Royal Gramma

1 Porcelain Crab

1 Clam

+ C.U.C.

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Just started it up a few days ago. Loving it so far! Suggestions welcome.


edit: its an 8 gallon biocube. All stock so far.

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I've been lurking and reading up and figured I should post my BC14.

When I first started the tank, I put boat load of crushed coral. After doing some reading,

I decided to start over and replace the crushed coral with sand from a friends 135g setup.


Any input and comments are appreciated. :D


before - after being setup for about 1 month



now - after being setup for 24 after hours makeover - 6 line wrasse, tiger goby and anemone went into my 90g


Stock lighting - BC protein skimmer/air pump in chamber 1 - stock chamber 2 (bio=balls) & 3 w/ exception of 100 micron fabric wrap around sponge in chamber 3


and a shot of the 90g



Thanks to the folks @ Nano-Reef.com for the great site and to all the folks that post great information and the pics that I am so envious over. Gives me something to strive for...


I've got so much to learn! B)



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