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how to feed cleaner shrimp?


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When I put brine shrimp in the tank mine will collect as many as he can hold. Then he will go hide and eat them. Its so funny watching him collect 3-4 brine shrimp.

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they eat everything. I actually had a fight with my 3 cleaners last night. I was trying to take the dead firefish out of the tank and the 3 cleaners would swarm on the fish and make it impossible to pull it out of the tank without harming the shrimp. So they got to keep the dead fish.


Cleaners go ballistic when you feed cyclops-eeze. They swim around the tank trying to get as much food as possible. Funny sight.

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Oh man! I LMAO feeding mine....after I give him his nightly flake (one pea sized flake a night).....he swims laps around the tank, near the surface and upside down. It is so freaking funny!!!!

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