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FSU1Dolfan's 29G Biocube Journey


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Well it has been a while since i have updated this thread and of course pictures are always wanted but i have been so busy i only have a few to add. First and foremost i just bought a house and moved everything last weekend...and let me say moving a saltwater tank is a PITA.....resetting up with cloudy water is even worse all the meanwhile trying to move everything else....but i was able to snag a couple of photos of the new setup or should i saw temporary setup. I probably will move some things around but all in all it looks pretty good and everything surivived the move :)


Not the greatest pics but hope you like!

Before the move.





After the move.




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Congrats on the new house and the successful move. Moving tanks is NEVER fun and it looks like everything made it fine for you. I am actually moving in less than a month and dreading the day I have to move the tank. I think it's about 20X more stressful for us than it is for the coral and fish.


Everything looks nice and super healthy. Looking forward to more individual shots once you have more time.

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Congrats on the new house and the successful move. Moving tanks is NEVER fun and it looks like everything made it fine for you. I am actually moving in less than a month and dreading the day I have to move the tank. I think it's about 20X more stressful for us than it is for the coral and fish.


Everything looks nice and super healthy. Looking forward to more individual shots once you have more time.


Thanks man!! Yeah i will get some close ups when i have some time...maybe next year LOL


The move took 7 plus hours....the distance was roughly 35 miles away plus i hit some traffic....the toughest part was setup because i had removed some of the existing sand and added some new sand plus new water but things were so cloudy that waiting an hour was an eternity....i must of had 5 different light on the tanks so i could see what i was putting where!! Also my star polyps on the back wall i thought were goners but i saw that a few are starting to peek out....glad to see the multiple hours exposed to air didn't kill them :)


Good luck with the move and just a little advice...those plastic tubs from target/walmart/etc were the greatest thing ever....i think i had 3 and wished i had some smaller ones for frags and stuff...also i bagged my fish (as a few suggested) and i think that was a great idea too...used an air pump to fill with some air...just go slow and i am sure you will be fine...you will hate life but once you are done and things are good...you'll feel great

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Well it has been around a month since my big move to the new house and things are starting to settle down....okay who am i kidding everyday there is stuff to do.....this past weekend was 2 oil changes, wire up sensors for the garage, hang 4 ceiling fans/lights, 2 lighting fixtures, and cleaned and painted my BBQ....needless to say my tank is being neglected....But i was able to get a few new shots


First up are the Berghias that are now living in my tank and taking care of my aiptasia problem....3 started a few months ago and now i have around 8....they are doing a pretty good job for the most part with only some bigger aiptasia left...didnt get any pics with them in the tank...i was too busy making sure they weren't bothered by anyone






Here are the few good ones i got....


Hybrid PPE






Misc Pinks and PEs




Misc PE colony...couple of bam bams showing on the left...Green Bay Packers off to the right...and my clown getting in the way LOL




My ric garden....new red sponge i put in....and new mandarin named oliver




Better Shot of sponge and Oliver




Not a good pic but its my pride and joy...Tyree Purple Bonsai basing and coloring nicely and growing a new branch




Top down shot of things going on





Sorry i now the pics aren't great but a POS camera is all i got....cant wait for a real camera one day!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed!!!

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Sounds like you've been thoroughly enjoying the new house ;) As you know, we moved 2 weeks ago, we're only renting a house, but there are still plenty of things to do. It seems like it never ends.


I think the shots of the tank look great...especially considering the camera. Definitely diggin' the hybrid PEs and the bright orange sponge. Bet it looks really spectacular in person.


What other SPS do you have in there now other than the Purple Bonsai (which looks awesome)? I sent you a PM regarding the sale items I have up.


Keep up with the updates...looks like the tank is really starting to come into its own.

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Thanks for the compliments....you have no idea how many shots though it takes just to get a decent one LOL!!!! and most of the time i cant even tell until its on the computer....one day a DSLR


The tank is growing out very nicely....i am getting ready to frag a bunch of stuff for a friend of mine too....Yeah the sponge is great and color is holding since the first day in the tank! The Hybrids are amazing too...plus i got some bam bams that i need some better pics of...they were horribly blurry


As for the SPS, the Bonsai right now is the only healthy one in my tank....i had a bought a rainbow monti and superman but they both ended up looking identical (probably rainbows)....plus they were impossible to find a good spot for them since they seems to be easily pissed off....they are trying to make a come back but from what i have read rainbows are very touchy...so we will see...other than those 3 thats it...for now LOL!

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Nice tank you have there!


How long have you had your mandarin for?


About a week....unfortunately the guy i got him from swore up and down that he eats froze but of course that isnt the truth....so looks like this weekend i will have to trade him out for one that does...as i watch him feed one this time....the guy is usually great and i have been going to him for corals, fish and live rock for years now but he screwed up on this one....what sucks though is I have been there when he has some mandarins that are fat as hell gobbling up mysis...but always passed....at least the pods in my display are under control now LOL

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how much r the hybrids worth because i got three full grown polyps pus two babies for like 15 bucks. :)


Thats a damn good price.....i paid $40 for the 6 adults with 2 babies under it

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Nice tank you have there!


How long have you had your mandarin for?



Just giving an update the mandarin is doing great in my tank...turns out that he only likes frozen brine (instead of mysis) so that is what i am now feeding my tank...he has plumped up and very happy!! Nothing like a mandarin that eats frozen!!

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Well i got around to doing some new pictures....Since i am getting some new corals courtesy of Divecj5, i figured it was time to frag and get rid of some rocks!! My friend who is still pretty new to the reefing game was more than happy to take zoa, mushroom, xenia filled rocks plus a frag of my hammer coral and finally fragged the bam bams that we bought together....then i put 2 new pieces of live rock that are just waiting for some new corals!!! Again these arent the greatest pics but its the best i can do with a POS camera...hope you like


Oscar sitting on some polyps and behind him is one of the big rocks that left!



Top Down shot



Rics that are getting huge and the green bay packers filling out



New Nucs that i got look great!!



With the bam bams




Newest Edition Oliver doing very well



New Star and Bonsi looking great and the superman or rainbow monti in the background still trying to make a come back





Here is the hammer where you can see it's fragged leaving myself 2 heads that are already splitting into 4!



FTS...you can see the coralline that died on the back way is starting to grow purple back over plus the 2 big white new rocks that are bare...Also the leather on the left was already fragged in half is looking huge again :o



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Read your whole thread. Very nice tank. I like what you did with the plexi on top, it looks tons better than the egg crate. Good Luck and glad things survived the move.

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Ando -


Yeah i love having the back wall with GSP...i was worried during the moved but after a few days the slowly started coming back....





Thanks for the compliments...the plexi top was my best DIY yet....and still is holding up well to the heat and moisture!!





The frags i got from you are looking great, sick color and good polyp extension....of course my pictures suck and i didnt have much time this weekend with friends staying with us....and on Friday i ran into a BBQ Grill (the kind at a beach that are stuck in the ground....yeah a big one and no it wasnt hot, thank god)...Playing frisbee....not even running full force turned right into it!!! Bruises on both of my thighs the size of plates, my elbow baseball sized bruise and my chest got a nice scrape! Needless to say i have been sore as hell this weekend too....But here are the few pics i got....i know i need a new camera :(



Cali Tort

Orange Cap

Birdsnest (cant remember what type)

Setosa (Pink one)

Green Slimer

Help me out if i am wrong naming these adam :P




Here you can see the colors are very good on all of them...plus the polyp extension has been great too!!




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Great Jason. Glad that it ended up working well. The frags look great and overall look to be pretty happy.


Sorry to hear about the grill incident...I'm sure that was loads of fun.

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Thanks Adam....yeah the grill incident sucked but mostly back to normal now...and it's update time.


So i decided to pick some new zoa frags recently and figured i would share a few pics (sub par as usual).

Heres what i got Raptors Rainbows, Tubbs Blue, Mohawks, Candy Appkle Reds, and another rainbow morph.

We went with USPS (semi-mistake) since it said it would only take a day...the seller lives 4 hours away from me...you figure one day would be right on! But no it took 2 days in florida 90 plus degree heat...needless to say both the seller and I were sweating it out!! But they arrived 2 days ago and packed beautifully from CT Football over at reef2reef.com


After a day in the tank...

Raptors and CT's Rainbows



Mohawks left / CT's Rainbows right and amazing green color even closed!



Tubbs taken their time



Candle Apple Reds fully open and ate some mysis yesterday :)


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