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Frag Tank FTS Thread


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Tank: 14g Rubbermaid 'Roughneck' storage tub... (using 11g's.)

Lighting: 4x24w T5HO's... (2 are shown.)

Flow: 2x Koralia Nano's... B)

Heat: 75w Marineland Stealth

Rock: 13lbs.

Sand: None.

Age: 2 weeks at time of posting.











will update as neccesary.... B)


Hey Pismo,

Did you get that T5 on eBay? How long has it lasted you? I bought one that looked just like that and it made it 4 months.

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Here's mine.


'Ol school eggcrate style. Got bored with it.



So decided to rescape and go with a more enjoyable display frag tank style:




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72"x24"x12" truvu connected to my main system

4 modded tunze 6025

1 vortech mp40es

3 250watt radiums on lumenmax elite/galaxy ballast

2 2x54watt t5 retrofit with ati blue +


Older pix


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