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anyone using kalk in nanos? how?

eduardo cavalcanti

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Yup, I am using Kalk. ESV Kalk works great. I built a small reactor out of some PVC, but you can just mix it and let it settle and just use it in your top-off water as a lot of the guys on here are doing. Great at maintaining levels.



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hmmmm.....i dose kalk every day as a top off....my pH has never gone above 8.4. I use the Kent brand. Could your saltmix already have a high pH? Do you dose very slowly? My fastest drip rate is one drip per sceond. i do not test for calcium but rather look at my pH as an indicator....

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Kalk is great stuff.


I bought a one gallon plastic juice container from Target. And a compression fittng from Home Depot. I picked- up an IV drip tube from my local vet.


Drilled a hole in the jug. Screwed the fitting into the hole. Sealed it with silicone. IV tube into the compression half of the fitting.. Good to go.


I mix @ 1 teaspoon of KENT kalkwasser mix per gallon of RO/DI water. I drip it at night, after my lights go out in the main tank. I drip into the sump, which is a ten gallon tank with a 13 watt PC on a reverse cycle lighting a refugium. My thinking is that I dose at night to avoid a ph spike. So far so good.


I drip at a rate of @ one drop per 3-5 seconds. During the day I stop the drip & I have an auto top-off take over that only uses pure RO/DI. Every morning I dose @ 5ml of B-Ionic. I try to test every two weeks. My numbers are good, Ca @ 425 Alk @ 9


knock-on wood!!!!



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I use "mrs waggs" or "balls" pickling lime, 1 tablespoon per gal for a nice saturated mix. I mix it up in a 3 gal water jug with RO/DI and dose at night with a dosing pump. I can go a whole week without having to mix up any kalk :-)



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Skeletor, does your dosing pump lines get clogged from the limewater. I'm curious how the lines that are in the rollers and how they react over time. Thanks

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I've been using it for a week, and so far I haven't seen a change in PH or my calcium level, sadly enough. I only dose at night like the others said to avoid PH spike. I mix it with the R/O water and let it settle for at least an hour, then I just have a small air hose, air line suction cups and I siphon the water tastes pretty darn nasty, no pain to gain. As I'm sure you know just make sure the container you are using, if using the siphon method, is elevated, it tends to work a lot better this way. My calcium is only 320, which is extremely low, at least that's what it says on my test kit, I run into a probelm when I change my water, I think. I guess I take all the calcium out with the weekly change. I don;t know. Does anyone else have this problem? Also noted that since I have been using it, I've seen some nice coloration on my rock, so I guess it's doing something

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