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Nano Plans- please evaluate


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Hey everyone,


I'm planning on building a new 10 gallon nano-reef, and need some help. I'd like to you read the following plans, and let me know If they have failure written all over them.


Make venture to local fish store, and buy a few pounds of livesand, and 10-15 pounds of liverock. Then, on the way back stop at grocery store to pick up raw frozen shrimp (to cycle the water without putting something live in there.. you know the paradox.. the thing you put in there to make ammonia may just be killed by the very thing its in there to produce). For a ten gallon, one shrimp will be adequate, so I will put a single shrimp in and test the water every couple days to see when it is fully cycled. Once the tank is ready to support life, I will go to Petco to RESCUE two of the poor clownfish kept in those tanks of doom. I will place the two fish into a 2 gallon hex tank filled a quarter of the way up with water, and then,using airline tubing, run a siphon from the display tank to the 2gal hex and tie a knot in the tube to adjust the flow rate to 2-3 drops per second. I will monitor the tank for about an hour, and when fully filled, I will gently net the fish and place them in the display tank.


Does all of this sound okay? Any advice/corrections would be great.

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I would not go to a place where the livestock looks sick or abnormal. I would not put the time nor the money to cure them. Plus if infected with something it can get passed along with your current livestock.

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yup, I agree with everything but the going to PetCo part. There really is no need to buy fish from them...buying them simply encourages them to buy more and continue to stock their aquariums. This is not a shot at PetCo...since there are some that are good. But I would not set up a brand new tank and have its sole purpose be an asylum for PetCo fish...thats really asking for trouble

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