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Pics of my tank..


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my 10g with 20lbs of LS and about 16lbs of LR.

1 maroon and 3 snails(can't find one of them).

tank has been running for about 1 month.

this is my first saltwater tank ever.

i ordered CSL w/moonlight and planning to add some corals later.

comments are welcomed:)



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Originally posted by SeaMountain

What lights are on there now?


i started tank before i found this forum and let me tell u how screwed i got. the light on now was recommended by a lfs, it's called power-glo. i found that it's not bright enough so i ordered a 50/50 with some kind of reflector from petsolutions.com, and that wasn't as bright as this. so i wasted about $40 and now have ordered the CSL.




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Other resources that can complement this site are books. My first and helpful newb book was The Conscientious Marine Aquarist.


The tank is looking good. My next equipment purchase is a digital camera. Everyone has these great pics of thier tanks and I'm envious that I cant show mine.....well not yet.

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