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I'm planning out my 20 gallon long reef tank and i'm trying to decided on a nice group of fish.


the set up is going to be


2-65 watt power compact hood with fans

20-25 pounds liverock (fiji and tonga branch i think)

20 + pounds of livesand

Modified skilter filter (w/o any media)

powerhead (brand and size to be determined)

heater (of coarse)


as far as inverts i want a skunk cleaner shrimp, a few blue-leged hermits, and a few bumblebee, turbo, or astraea snails


Fish i'm interested in:


Royal Gramma

False Perc Clown

Neon Goby

Citrin goby

Purple Firefish


i was hopeing i could do maybe 3 or 4 fish, of these types

what do you think?


edit: forgot to mention that these fish will of coarse be added slowly and gradually after my tank is fully cycled

oh yah, and i can handle small weekly water changes ( i have 3 freshies that need matinence as well)

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going to see the oracle


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