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pet supply liquidator=a big rip off


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i recently ordered a 70 watt catalina bulb from PSL, and they sent me one that wouldn't even light up. i asked them about it and they said that there is no guarentee on the bulbs. the bulb didn't even work in the first place, so they sent me a defective product! i will never do business with them again. o well, just wanted to blow off some steem.

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can't we keep all the I hate psl feedback in one thread?


catalina bulbs stink. when I got my lights from psl (love them and no problems at all by the way), my halides wouldn't fire up. they would flicker and snap off or not fire up at all. Bruce told me to give them a day and they ended up working. I got lucky I guess

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i'm just blowing off steem. i just dont understand why they kept selling the catalina bulbs after they knew they had a bad batch?

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In the last month it sounds like they are trying to make the quick buck and worry about the future when they get there. Only problem is they will have such a bad rep that no one with any knowledge will buy from them .

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It seems if you email them they say they yanked the Catalina bulbs, but it appears that if you try to place an order online it may go through. Anyone want to try it and let me know?

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well after giving them plenty of praise, and never having a problem. the 70w HQI bulb i bought lit fine for a day and a half then went out and won't relight. i also have a 150w bulb of there thats been running for 6 months with no problems. i emailed them and got a reply to call there office during bussiness hours to work this out. not sure what that means but hey at least i got a quick response so far. in the mean time i guess i break out the old LOA PC to keep everything alive. i guess what is important now is to see if they quite selling them if there bogus.

mine came black in the center, most bulbs i have seen are a gray white from being test fired not black.

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This is their signature.. Any type of lighting.. NOT 400w MH 250 HQI . VHO's no. they have received 7 negatives in 7 neutrals on ebay in a few months.




go to www.petsupplyliquidator.com , its good for you and your fish


www.petsupplyliquidator.com - the best lighting on the net. Talk to me, I can have any type of lighting in the world customized for you ( Power compact, metal halide and T-8 related)

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Hey I just recieved one of those de 70 watt catalina bulbs from psl today and it lit up just fine, I guess its not from the bad batch (hopefully it won't crap out on me). I've never ordered a canopy from them but I'm not sure if I would do so after reading all these horror stories. The only problem I have is that they shorted me 1 out of the 2 pc endcaps I ordered, and I'll deal with that today n' see how it goes (only like 2 bucks i think) maybe I'm just lucky.... Aside from that, shipping was pretty fast, ordered it on sat.(9/20, from the web site) and recieved it on wed.(9/24)

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