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my coral got mixed up at LFS


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I went to the LFs and purchased:

red scarlet hermit crab

emerald crab (I know their evil but getting bad case of bubble algea)

1.5 lbs of LR rubble

small frag of green star polyp....


I left with everything and went home...The small frag of GSP...got changed with...I think it is a organ pipe polyp thing....the body consists of a bunch of long red tubes with 8 feather like fingers sticking out of each tube...Since the LFs was an hour away and be closed by the time i got there, I placed it in my tank...pretty cool thing...I'd like to keep it...not sure how to keep it healthy...

Any thoughts? Also i just discovered a pink/brown bristle worm that came with my ricordea too...

6 gal Eclipse

130 W coralife...65k....10 k lights

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Gonna have to disagree with you on the emerald crack. I get a kick outta my emerald. Dude's got personality and takes no cr@p form the others when I drop some fresh shrimp pieces into the tank! Hasn't caused any troubles yet for me, but I guess some reefers have had some bad ones...

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Do you drop anything in there for an alternative food source? My emerald has totally ignored my ricordea but will fight the hermits like a junkyard dawg when the shrimp drop.

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Are the polyps feathery edged? I believe thats what I have. The polyps initially appear white until fully extended then they are brown with white centers. Initially I had just a couple of white looking polyp hitchhickers on a zoo rock. They then began to spread over the rock to thier current 5"patch. Next the tops of the red tubes started flaring out and connecting to each tube next to them forming a new layer. Now the tubs are extending above that seconadary laywe. Kinda neat really. They were initially called GSP as well by the LFS. I have mine in a 7 gal with only 2x32 Watt PC lighting for over a year. They continue to grow slowly which is fine.

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I once purchased a set of corals from someone who was selling his entire tank. One of the corals included was the organ pipe coral which was beautiful when I first acclimated it. As the link above suggests however, it is difficult to keep in a tank and after about 5 months the entire coral colony mysteriously died. Everything else in my tank has flourished.

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Mine are similar to GSP in the way the polyps sometimes go in for a day to a week at a time...one thing I noticed was they seemed to stay in quite often when the tubes were connecting....might have been coincidence

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My Emerald crab eats when I feed the rest of the aquarium...mysis shrimp..formula 1....but I feed every other day...so he might've got hungry and start picking on the ricordea

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Pipe organ for sure: give it moderate flow and lighting, and make sure you keep an eye out for valonia, which have a tendency to grow inside the skeleton, and broke one of my colonies to chit.


BTW: the pipe organ is actually considered a softy! Soft corals are also known and identified by the # of tentacles: yours being an octocoral, or softy, with a hard skeleon, opposed to an LPS. Just an interesting note, but another octocoral is Blue Ridge Coral, which is an encrusting coral, with a calcefied skeleton, and is usually mis-labelled as a SPS.

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