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My Eclipse 3G


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Here's a pic of my tank that was started at the end of June. It's got a LONG way to go before it looks the way I want it to (wish it could look like Liquid's) but I'm taking it easy.

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Here's a bit more info on the tank.


-Eclipse System 3 (3 gallon)

-Using the hang on top filter minus the biowheel

-Filter media used at time to clean up the water

-50W Ebo Jager heater

-Custom light retro using Coralife 10W 50/50 compact fluorescents with regular bulb sockets


Here's a pic of the hood.

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I is a "tinfoil" tape, it is in the airconditioning section at lowes or home depot, it is used for sealing air ducts. It is cheap, about $2 a roll and is very pliable.

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Gperez - Yeah I thought about adding a fan. In fact, I bought a small one (looks like yours) to add the same time that I got the lights. However, the temps are really steady at about 79ºF so there is not need. I'm surprised really 'cause I thought those lights would heat things up. However, if at some point in the future I get rid of the HOT filter and put more lights in I'm sure I'll need one. I really like the your idea of the tinfoil tape. Seems to work much better then what I did. I think I'll do the same. How long is your bub and what is the wattage?


Serjuanca88 - I got the reflective material from a surplus electronics store. It came in thin sheets of of about 6"x6" for a couple of pennies each. I simply cut it up and affixed it to the hood using Scotch tape. The sheet is reflective but it's got these small concentric circles like a Fresnel lens all over it. Not the greatest but it does the trick for now.

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Caius- nice mod to the hood. Do you ever keep the "lid" part opened up to see what the temp may be? When I had the stock lighting and stock filter, I removed the lid and it dropped about ~2 degrees. Let me know if that makes a difference. Thinking about using my hood eventually if I can get more blue light into it.

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Haven't been on here for a LONG time now. Wish I had something great to post but unfortunately the nano is no longer. We took a two week vacation and even though I had someone look after the tank for me while I was gone they didn't do too great of a job and things just went downhill. I came home to TON of algea growth and things just never recovered after that.


I gave my frags and shrimp over to a friend who has a nice 50gallon and disassembled the nano completely. It's sitting in storage right now waiting for aday when I get the urge to bring it back to life.


I miss it but just aren't ready to devote the required time right now.


Nice to see this old thread :)

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