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Cultivated Reef

nassarius snails (i need a picture)


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could any of you who have them, please post a picture of your nassaius snails? i need to know i know what im getting. astrea and turbo snails seem to look a bit alike sometimes. but i need a pic of nassarrius ...could someone help me out? or email me a pic? thank you.


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Originally posted by killrblue

Turbo Snails are Astrea Snails.  Astrea tecta is the latin name.


Here is a nassarrius.


Turbo snails arent Astrea snails.


this is a turbo....





This is an Astrea



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look like the pic ardenen posted....two of them, the size of skittles.....when i dropped them in, they dug right into the ground....like 4x4's.


i like them



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