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Coral Vue Hydros



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being a complete addict, and assuming the liveaquaria order wasn't coming, I ordered some corals from Patrick. I signed on for the 10 for 150 deal and added some cash for a blue millepora. Patrick had the box out in no time and he used a mix of acros from the site and some from his grow out tanks that aren't yet listed.


the frags, as always are large and healthy looking. There is one frag in there that is at least 5 inches tall. Took me forever to mount the damned thing.


My only issue, I was supposed to get 11 corals (at least that was how I understood it) and there were 10 in the bag. I paid an extra $45 for the blue millepora and I rounded it up to an even 200 for good karma.


I emailed patrick about he missing coral and he has yet to get back to me but he emailed me twice this morning to find out if the package arrived ok and how the corals looked.


there are a handfull of places where you can get quality sps frags at good sizes and good prices. Spsfrags is definitely one of the best.


pictures will be posted in the member section soon

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Patrick responded to my email regarding the missing item and said he would send it out next week. He asked if I was planning on ordering anything else in the near future as he would wait until then to ship, if not, he would send out the coral at his expense.


I cannot stress enough how great it is to deal with someone that shows the care patrick does for his customers. Check out the psl issues, it is a nightmare when the person selling to you is unattainable, difficult to deal with or just plain rude. Patrick is none of these and his corals speak for themselves.


He's up there with logical reef and palmetto reefs as the only places I have dealt with where you don't walk away from the deal with any bad taste whatsoever. Frags are all nice sizes and excellent specimens. Cut in a manner that makes mounting them relatively easy (unless you get a large, odd shaped one like one of my milleporas but large is good), they are in perfect shape when they arrive.


check out the goods. spsfrags.com


if you are unsure about the corals, the care or what looks best or will grow well in your system, email him.


also, if you need mounting glue, his cyanoacrylate is the best. I managed to find his source but if you can't find that thread, (not posting the link as I would like him to continue to stay open) buy his when you place an order.

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I ordered a few zoos from them. Actually that's the only time I have ordered live stock online. I can only hope other stores can provide the quality and service they do.

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well, since I lost all but one of my corals from the previous order (damn blackout), I emailed Patrick and told him of my woes. He told me that he would get me back up and running when I was ready and yesterday my package arrived.


I got home later than normal (Bush is in town and I live close to the UN so traffic was an understatement) and had to contend with a sick daughter before I could even peek into the bags.


8 frags in the box. Two montipora caps (huge frags too - split one into two) and 6 different acros. The frags were either multi branched or very long single branches. When I say very long, I mean it. One branch was about 5 inches long. The corals, as always, looked great. Clean cuts make for easier mounting and an easier recovery.


I'll post some pics as soon as I feel confident that I won't be jinxing myself.


Now I need to get some clams and possibly one or two of Patricks rarer frags (I want to replace my blue millepora at some point.).


Thanks Patrick!

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not to hijack the thread, but after looking at the photos you linked above in another thread, how much glue are you using to stick those suckers on? it looks like there is a huge glob of it at the base of all your corals (the white stuff)... does the coral eventually grow over that glue?

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Not to tread on The Craks response... Most corals will grow over the glue/epoxy eventually. Use enough to mount the frag but don't necesarily go overboard with the whole tube. I use superglue gel and within a few weeks algae, etc covers it up.

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sometimes it is easy to glue em and other times it isn't. the smaller the frag, the less glue it takes. Patrick's frags are huge and you need more glue to hold them upright.


what I have done with this tank is glue up a small dip in the tank using a little rock, then attach the coral onto the glued hole. looks worse than it is.


I don't attach the small rock to the coral, and then attach that to the live rock because it takes away from the look of the rock and the glue gets covered in no time by algae, coral, etc.

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