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I have a Sort of basic lighting question


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I have a Sort of basic lighting question. I have a set up that is around 30 gallons in the main tank. The lighting is 3 65w PC’s. I purchased the lighting fixture on the web at http://www.petsupplyliquidator.com/. Not really a perfect fixture It just a bit too short making it difficult to remove and or replace the bulbs, not really germane to my question. I used the bulbs that arrived wit the unit for 8 months and one went dead. I purchased two new light bulbs at www.hellolights.com. The difference is dramatic the 03 Actinic is remarkable. Ok I know, I know, the question. Right now I have One 10k, One 03 Actinic, and one of the old 50/50 bulbs. I need to replace the old bulb because it is not pulling its weight. What should it be replaced with a 10k, 03, or a new 50/50 from Hello Lights?


Other info the tank is 8 months old with a 15 gallon fuge and everything is growing well.


Thanks for the input,


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