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The FTS Thread!

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2 month old nuvo fusion. Currently fallow while fish in QT. That acan and candy cane are coming off the frag plugs and being secured to the rock work this weekend


Nuvo 10 day 15. Cycle just completed, algarbarn order arrives tomorrow. First bits of life going in this weekend





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9 month old 28g cube

IMG-9773.thumb.JPG.6bdf4ffa38adc6cbeab127f3a75fe859.JPG      IMG-9774.thumb.JPG.900dc1df4643a3cf974dfa44aeb85f7b.JPG


Will hopefully create a build thread soon, just need to organize all of my tank pictures 🙂  


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1 hour ago, Mom2many said:


I think I've seen this tank on YouTube. Looking good. 

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Yes, I have a youtube channel on how to have good results, in tanks, just keeping things easy, inexpensive and basic.   This is my goodbye photo.  I am in the process of selling this tank and replacing it with something smaller.  Thank you!

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