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Transparent (jellyfish?? snail??)


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Hi folks,


Sorry, but my camera is in the shop for the moment. I have a transparent living critter on my heater. It moves rather quickly and appears to be eating the algae growth like mad. It is truly transparent and kind of tube shaped. The size is approx .5mm in width and 2mm long. It moves not unlike a snail and I'm hoping it's a baby developing snail.


Most of my livestock has been removed temporarily as there was some unapproved lunching going on.


Current tank stats:


5.5AGA nano, 80W heater, Aquaclear250 HOB filter, 250gph micropump for circ, 13W 10000K, 13W blue actinic, small zoo colony, one blue legged hermit, one emerald crab, 6#LS, 11#LR, 2 margarita snails.


Tank stats: 5.5AGA, 13W CF X 2 1 blue actinic, 1 10000K, 80W visitherm heater, 250 Aquaclear HOB filter, 250 gph micropump (circulation), 6# LS, 11# LR, zoo colony, blue legged hermit, 2 margarita snails


Amm: 0, Trite: 0, Trate ~10, pH 8.2, temp 77.9-79.2, sal 1.026, tank approx 6 months established.

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