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Cultivated Reef

2.5 not done but heres some pics


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We'll not sure if it's ready to be posted but I was bored so.


2.5g tank

aquaclear 150 for circulation and added LR (have a azoo palm light to add caulpera to it just did not get the macro yet.)

25w heater

2 13w 50/50 pc's


1 Pseudochromis fridmani tank raised

candy cane coral. (purchased today)

3 rics (one outgrowing the tank fast. Got him a little larger than a quater about a month and a half ago)

1 green sea mat

1 blue leg hermit crab

various macros on LR

Hope the pics work

Tell me what you think


If this image works Ill post more pictures


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view coming down the stairs




view on the other side



closer look



another look



outgrowing the tank



yet another view



my lighting


tell me what you think


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Very nice. The top of the LR looks nice and flat, great for lots of coral placement. Or, er, as much as will fit in a 2.5, anyway. Thanks for posting these pics, I'm setting up a 3 gal that has the same footprint as your 2.5, and I was wondering how a pseudochromis would look in there. Now I know!

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Cool man! I love the both sides veiw deal

Yeah that was the hardest part of this tank with only a 6in wide foot print.

I was wondering how a pseudochromis would look in there. Now I know

Yeah I think he is a great fish for this size tank. The rics are to big for this size tank imo so when I get the lighting on my 210 setup they will be put in there. Since they candycane was added it has puffed up nicely and is doing well


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Yeah the rock is atlantic rock, I got it at Tony's Tropical Fish and Birds in York PA. If you live near there it is worth checking out.

BTW the candycane has been moved up the tank a little and has puffed much more. I think 2.5's are a great size tank if you are just fathful with water changes and dont try to cram fish that are to large in.


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