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Final Equipment List


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Ok, I am almost ready to stop bothering you guys with my equipment questions, and start bothering you with my livestock questions :) Almost....but not yet....


Here is what I have:


25 gallon tall tank and stand

CSL 2 X 65 PC light w/moonlights



Here is what I am about to order:


Either an Aquaclear 300 or Aquaclear 500

powerhead: maxijet 900 (230 GPH)

powerhead: mini jet 606 (79-153 GPH)

EboJager 100 watt heater

Either Red Sea test kit or SeaChem test kit

Salifert Calcium test


***** I am not sure if I need large, medium or small powerheads, so I am going to order one smallish one and one larger one so I have some options. I am not even sure if I will need to use one or both of them????


***** I am not sure to go with the 300 or 500 filter - it will mainly be for flow, carbon and I may put some extra liverock in there. Does the 500 add any noticeable water volume to the tank?



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if you don't mind the bulk... a larger powerhead with adjustable flow might be a better option than i mini-jet. extra powerheads are always useful....if not in the tank....then for mixing saltwater. i have a minijet and i just wish it had more power.....hmmmmm....and i only have a 10gal. i read that having 2 powerheads is essential so that you can intersect their line of fire and create random turbulence.....-e.borneman Aquarium Corals p337


IMO I would go with the AC-500 too.

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