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Is there a safe starfish?


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My girlfriend wants a "Patrick", LOL, from Sponge Bob whatever...... Is there a safe starfish for a 7 gallon

with fish and corals?




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Two good starfish for a 7 gallon would be a Chocalate Chip starfish and/or a Brittle Star.


Chocalate Chip being the hariest but Brittle being the most interesting.

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I think fishbabies is talking about a fromia starfish. Although not all fromias are solid red. Some have really nice mosaic patterns. They also dont get very big. The biggest Ive ever seen was 4" across.


Yeah a chocolate Chip starfish may not be the best idea if you plan to have corals.


I must say I dont feel a fromia will do very good in a nano. The general consensus is that they feed on algae film. Which means you need a good amount of LR to sustain its food supply. Once it eats everything it will waste away. I have one in a 55g and its done great for 6 months now however I have over a hundred lbs of LR in there.

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I have had a Brittle star since the begining. It is really fun to watch, always in a different spot. It hasn't knocked anything over, but is getting quite big. One great thing about the brittle star is that if a fish dies somewhere deep in a crevice in your live rock, he will eat it for you.

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