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Question about live rock on new setup!


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I am starting a 20l, and ordered my lights last night. I was going to wait for them to come in however, Darren at Palmetto Reef is going on vacation and wouldnt be able to ship until aug 11th. So I had him ship my rock and sand out today. It will be here tomorrow, and I dont have my tank really ready. This will be a transplant of my 7g bow. My question is this.


Can I just put my rock and sand in and everythign in the new tank, then put my 32w pc just over the section with the derasa, and plate coral for a couple days until my real light comes in? Will the live rock be ok in this kind of state?


Another option would b keep my 7 setup until my light comes in an just fill my 20 up just enough to cover the live rock, but I dont have a light for it. I knwo rock doesnt really need it, but there could e some stuff ont here that may. Also I dont want this guy to weigh a ton for when I do the change.


Any help?



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Wait on what? The rock will be here tomorrow before 12pm, suggestions? I dont have my main light, and the rock was already sent =(.

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Leave your 7g alone and set up your 20 where you want it. Some people intentionally leave the lights off above curing live rock to prevent an algae bloom. I turned on my lights during my rock cure, mostly so I could look at it, and I figure that there might be stuff that needs the light. Coralline can live (I hear) for quite a while in the dark.


Relax! If you are really worried about the lights, then share it. I mean, when your lights go off on your 7g, move them over your 20 and let the lights shine on the 20. Then when it is time for your 7g to get light again, just move the lights over it. Do this until your new lights show up. I'm assuming you don't run lights 24 hours a day, right? Even with a 12hr photoperiod for your Derasa and coral, you can move the lights. Also, the derasa and the coral are higher priority IMO than the LR!



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Ahhh, feel much better, now the only prob is my 20l goes where my 7 is, but that problem isnt really a problem =). Thanks for the input.

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