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moving from old tank to new


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hey guys,


i'm sure there is some info on moving from one tank to another, but i couldn't find anything with the keywords i've used.


first a little background. I have an existing 10g that's been up and running for year and half. it was my first nano, so through all the mistakes, trials and errors, upgrades and tinkering, it's doing really well. well i got a 20 high that i'm currently prepping up for a nano.




1 eclipse 1tl retro 2x32watt pc (10k + actinic)

no ph

stock filter pad

15 lbs fiji + 10lbs lr

1 colt coral 1 button polyp

3 hairy shrooms 2 orange zoos

1 false perc 1 bicolor blenny 1 skunk cleaner

5 hermits 2 astreas snails 2 bumblee snails



1 eclipse 1 (currently using for cycling only)

1 coralife 96watt quad pc

1 rio 180 1 rio 200

20 lbs fiji

25 lbs aragonite #0 seeded w/1 cup ls from LFS

been cycling for 4 wks, beginning to have cyano covering the rocks and sand

waiting another 2 wks before adding cleanup crew (unless testing show otherwise)

planning to add a HOB refuge ala mattgecko's plans then getting rid of eclipse.


finally the questions...


1. when do i move the 10 to the 20? all at the same time or little by little)


2. what do i move first? lr or ls? again at the same time or piece by piece?


3. mobile vs corals? who goes first? same time or piece by piece?


any help is much appreciated



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