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Cultivated Reef

my first colt coral?

Nanu Nanu

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I just bought my first colt coral, does anyone know any good websites I can check out to learn more about these guys? Or can someone explain to me the whole 9 yards of the colt coral or all the other names they call it. I'm pretty confuse on whats its true name is. Help please:*(

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I'd pick up a few corals books online or your local fsh store. That ought to help a bit. They are known as Alcyonium and there are many many variations.


They take anything from low to high light levels, low to high flow rates, not agressive, and very hardy.


Hope that helps, Cameron

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I called the LFS that I bought the carol from, and he said the name of that particular carol is a Carnasion or Deneroneptya my spelling might be wrong so please correct me and help me figure this coral out. Thanks???

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i'm thinking you're talking about a dendro or carnation. your lfs should really take it back as it is really an advanced coral. it's extremely difficult to rear (some peeps may even say i'm understating that).


these corals require microfauna to feed off of. dt's phyto may sustain them for awhile but i believe they need more (e.g. detritus, fecal pods, true nanofauna, etc.).


return the coral and go with physh's advice. get some reading material before you buy a coral or invert. you need to know what they need nutrition-wise, environment, and compatability. borenman's Aquarium Corals or Delbeek/Sprung's The Reef Aquarium are good overall reads. hth

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