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New Corals - Pictures! July 26, 2003


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As promised, here are my new corals. They were all cherry picked via several e-mails over several days with Tropical Paradise in Ca.


They are, in no certain order:


1) Light green bubble coral - This had to be the right size and shape for the corner. The color had to be light green as I didn't want pure white and I didn't want dark green either.


2) Red/pink scolymia - I originally wanted a cynarina but after further discussion with the folks at Tropical Paradise I decided on this since it doesn't get as big as a cynarina and the colors on this piece are really breathtaking.


3) Neon green fungia. I love the fungias and I wanted a bright green one. This is a really neat coral.


4) I have blasto merleti so I wanted to finish the blasto with a wellsi piece. As you can see I wound up with a real nice show piece of wellsi. The amazing thing about this piece is the way it totally matches my merleti. Nearly the same pinkish-reds with the light grey centers. This is truly my favorite piece.


I took a few other pics too, one being a shot of that damn xenia which is growing at an alarming rate (I thought I had it all cut out too).


Anyway, wanted to share :).











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Very nice. The bubble looks like it might be a little bleached but it should darken a little over time as well as get greener imo. How much did the pieces end up costing if you don't mind me asking?

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I hope the bubble doesn't darken! The camera took a lousy picture but in RL it's a real neat light green and glows well under the actinics. TP took a picture of this bubble along with a pure white, dark green and med green color all together so I could make sure it was the right shade of green. So far it's perfect, If it darkens I am going to be torqued :).


Sent you PM on the cost.

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Cool thanks, I was just pondering if it'd change because a lot of times I see corals that are a little light and they darken over time, just their initial color depending on conditions in previous tanks and such. I really like that wellsi, I wish I could find some locally that weren't receding :(. I shoulda picked up a blue one I saw before it started to go, ah well I guess I'll just keep my eyes open next time.

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BTW, the red/pink shroom to the right of the clam is F'n awsome. Please let me know the day you get some new heads of that fraged.

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I see now why you were so psyched up about getting them. Those are very nice and I still love those blasto :) Still stunning!



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jdsabin1 - Your tank is utterly gorgeous... I am in love with your rics... if you ever need to unload some please don't forget about us little people.

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Originally posted by FlyGTI

Tank of the month.  


Will someone second the motion?


you bet. i second the motion set forth by FlyGTI to nominate jdsabin1's tank for tank of the month.

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You guys are too cool B). Thanks for the kind words everybody. I started today to try and coax my sun coral out during the day rather than at night and so far so good. Here are some pics. With the scolymia and fungia downwind they got some brine shrimp too so I snapped some pics of them eating or right after they ate a bite and had started to inflate.


I also had a purple mushroom fall down in the rocks a few days ago and I forgot about it. The mushroom didn't forget about it though and I spotted him growing between a few rocks so I snapped a picture.


My MH's come this week so hopefully by next weekend my new lights will be up. I have my eye on a gorgeous maxima clam and I am still deciding on a few more SPS frags too.


My frogspawn is starting to scare me as he was inflated today to mammoth proportions and was dangerously close to some shrooms. I don't know what I am going to do with this piece. He is pretty as he** but he won't stop growing and I have no clue how to frag this thing. Anyone have any pointers?









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nice tank dude! if it is a branching frogspawn, which i think all are, then just take a dremmel tool or a small hand held hack saw and saw branches off. it's as easy as that. some people say you can just snap branches off but if the break is not clean and the skeleton cracks up to the living flesh of the coral it leaves it open to all sorts of infections.

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