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Alife 7 gallon Retrofit


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Has anyone successfully retrofited an Alife 7 gallon aquarium lid? If so please help me out, I am thinking of doing it. Thanks

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The retrofit that most of us have done is to use a Workhorse 2 Ballast (long or cube style-I went with Cube and it fit perfectly with the screw holes) and wire it in along with getting a new bulb as 9 times out of 10 the bulb will break. Here is a thread with some pics (middle, bottom of page and check the 4th page as well) and I think I have mine somewhere if you'd like to see them. I didn't reuse the fan as the heat issue is nonexistent with the workhorse ballast. HTH and send some pics of the 12G version. :)

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anyone upgraded the light bulb in their Alife 7? I still have the stock one, but I upgraded the ballast to Workhorse II ballast. Was just wondering what other bulb can I fit in it?? comments anyone?

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