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Got a problem..I


I'm taking a much needed vacation out to Phukit, Thailand for a week..and i dont know what to do about my tank..


Its a 12gallon w/ 96w...the tank can get as high as 84f in san diego with just the two built in fans...so i have another fan set on a timer to get it down as low as 81f, i get alot of evaporation from this so i have to top off bout every other day. I cant afford a auto top off, anybody have any suggestions? Can i fill the tank a little more then usual to compensate the loss? or will the livestock be ok?


What about dosing...i dose bionic and reef soltution will it be ok without it for a week?


Im SCARED SHI#LESS that when i come home that all my stuff will be DEAD!!! PLEASE HELP!! anything Suggestions are greatly apreciated.....i leave in 3 weeks



Live stock:

Royal Gramma

Watchman Goby/pistol shrimp


Closed Brain



Maxima clam

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you're going to phukit and you can't afford about $35~$45 for a top-off? ??? (float switch and rio pump, 600 or 800 series)


there's a couple of guys that make these diy for us non-diy'ers. check out physh1's californiareefs.com. i've bought three of his units so far. works like a charm, even for a handy-idiot like me. ;)


the dosing should be ok for a week. just dose beforehand and right when you get back. it'll be ca/alk deprived by then but it shouldn't result in too much trauma. you could also put a little cacl in the top-off water. don't pre-top off the water, that can stress the clams.


i'd be concerned about food for the fish tho.

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Can we say Phukit on here???????


I'd get a neighbor or someone you trust to come in and take care of it for you. If you know how much you dose and how much you top off in a one week period I'd think you could just mix the two, maybe go a little lower on the dosing, that way every thing is combined with the top off water.

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Also check www.floatswitches.net. $15 for the switch, $12 for a PH, $2 for some tubing from home depot, $3 for a container. Best $32 I ever spent. If you are that worried, bite the bullet and spend the $$, which is relatively cheap compared to every thing else in this hobby.

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I went home from school for 4 days and I came back to a sick anemone and a dead clownfish. I was worried before I left to go home, now I'm just scared to go anywhere for more then a day.




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Buy a 5.5 gallon tank and use it with a power head and a float switch. Unless you have some serious evap. it will be 1/4 full at least when you return. MAKE SURE YOU SNAIL PROOF IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THOUGH! and make sure the outlet to the tank from the water source is above the main tank's water line. BTW you can get one off ebay for 14 bucks with a cord hooked up or you can buy just the float switch for 3 bucks from the same fella and hook up your own cord. You will have to fashion somthing so it will hang over the tank at the right height too.

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First, it's Phuket, pronounced foo ket, not Fu** it.


Unless your going on a Naval Ship, I would think you could afford a setup from California Reefs. If not, why don't you ask a friend to come over and add water? You could pull out a glass for every day you are gone and fill it with RO water. Then you could buy medicine pill boxes and put the necessary Bionic in.

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