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would 6 weeks be rushing it?


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Just wondering, my tank is turning 6 weeks next week. Would it be alright to start stocking it? Aside from the fish i mean, I'm adding one this weekend. I don't have any test kits available...for starters the LFS only has an amonia test kit and I don't like how expensive their selling it. So I'm trying to take it slow to make sure that my tank is fully cycled even without testing. Is the increase in the number of feather dusters an indicator of tank health??

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hmmmmm....order a multi test kit from www.petwarehouse.com before adding a fish.


you get pH, ammonia, nitrite, and sometimes nitrate for about $15


my first test kit was made by tetra.....not very sophisticated....but accurate enough and a good intro to testing. you'll use it up in about 3 months anyways testing almost every day...and then you can get a more complex kit


i still really like tetra nitrite kits though


please don't add a fish before you have a kit....you'll get so confused if your first fish starts to kick it and you can't tell why.......sad


petwarehouse can get it to you really fast for maybe 6 bucks.....$21 altogether

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i know how you can supplement your allowance.....wink-wink



just kidding.....don't listen to me.....have fun pricing and testing!!!

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