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Coral Vue Hydros

My damn damsel is messing with my new porcelin crab


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Is this part of the teritorial thing I have read about? He keeps scooping in at him and waving his tail kicking sand in his face. Should I get rid of the damsel?

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Damsels are very aggressive, what size tank? Ive never heard of them messing with crabs before. Although me cleaner shrimp and percs do little displays at each other sometimes.

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Originally posted by mane3215

Yeha I have to get rid of the little bastard, any ideas?  I dont want to remove all my lr again =(.


do what i did... leave for about 3 days and upon the return home... find the little bastard damsel decided to jump out of the tank! hahahah :D

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DANG, you have a seven gallon tank. Dont even sweat removing the rock. Piece o' cake. How hard is it to remove the LR from your tank, and put it into a bucket. most pails hold more water than our tanks. Try to remove a damsel your wife wanted from a 50 gallon with over 80 pounds of LR in it. Now that's a pain in the buttay

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Hi, I had to remove a green chromis of mine. Not due to being mean but for treatment. I turned out the tank lights and used a flashlight. He just swam into the top corner and I just scooped him up. Might be worth a try before removing your rock :)



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